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Monday, February 15, 2010

A somewhat impressionistic review of Angels' Blood, plus an easy way to win books.

I ordered Archangel's Kiss today, by Nalini Singh. I know I'm going to love it. I love knowing I'm going to love it. I loved Angels' Blood.

One of the things I loved most about Angels' Blood was how fresh it felt. I don't have any specific reasons to say that, and sure, people have written about angels and vampires about a billion times before. It's more like a residual feeling about this book. As though the book is fresh in the sense of being somehow pristine.

Like the characters and story are humming at a perfect pitch, and resonating with true things. Sort of like snow that doesn't have any footprints or dirt on it yet, and it's perfectly what it is.

I don't mean that the book itself is absolutely perfect. I don't even know what that would be. I just mean that it's fresh and true in an excellent way I loved.

I love the mad saturation of brightness at the center of the cover. It feels fresh and unusual and special in the way the book does to me. I love looking at the cover and thinking about the book at the same time. I borrowed this copy from my friend Chris, who won an oversized bound mss, so my cover picture is HUGE, and that suits me just fine. Aside from the part where I have to give the thing back to her, probably this Friday when we do our Dresden Files marathon part 2 - hopefully with Thai food. What do you think about that, Chris? Oh, look this is a test to see if she reads deep into this post. Because I'm sure it's kind of a boring post, with all the "I loves." Now, where was I? Oh yeah.

I love the shining nobility and compassion of Elena, a mortal and a vampire hunter in this novel, and the contrast she makes with the archangels, who are ever so slightly corrupted or oblivious. Some not so slightly. Elena's nobility reminds me a little of Buffy's nobility, though not in a derivative way, and Elena doesn't specifically remind me of Buffy.

I love how, at the beginning of the book, we learn she has her condo situated in such a way, so that she can watch the archangels fly in and out of angel tower though her giganitic plate glass windows. I love that she loves that. Somehow, it felt refreshing.

I love the deft bigness of everything here, too. The cranked up personalities and stakes. The power imbalance I noted in an earlier post. It all worked really well for me.

Like I say, I will be ordering Archangel's Kiss, but I really mourn the retreat on the cover here. It sort of has that palette, but less of the balls-to-the-wall brightness saturation. Is it an ironic commentary on the change in her status? Or just a marketing decision? I don't know.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Late to the Angels' Blood Party. But I brought pointy hats!

Great moments from last night's reading
Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
Page: 58
Spoiler level: nil

I am just settling into this book, and I may be staying up quite late tonight--it's hooked me in a way other books haven't lately. The writing is lovely and dense, the world is so freshly imagined, but it's the H/H conflict that has really captured my imagination.

Again, I'm only starting it, so I may be off on some things. The plot, in short so far: Elena, tracker and hunter of vampires, has been hired/forced by uber-powerful Archangel Raphael to take a suicidally difficult job.

Here, a passage I came across last night. Raphael flies her to his office rooftop to discuss details of the case. Elena says:
If you think I'm going to follow you around like a puppy..."

He glanced over his shoulder. "I could make you crawl, Elena." No trace of any humanity in his face, nothing but the glow of such power that she wanted to shade herself from it. It was an effort not to take a stumbling step backward. "Do you really want me to force you onto your hands and knees?"

At that second, she knew he'd do exactly that.
And later:
Around her burned a million city lights, but up on this roof, there was only darkness--except for the glow coming off him. She'd heard people whisper of this phenomenon but had never thought to witness it. Because when an angel glowed, he became a being of absolute power, power that was usually directed to kill or destroy.
The power imbalance here is so colossal. At times I'm like, could Raphael truly be the hero? But yes, clearly he is. I found myself thinking there is no way this can work. He's far too insanely powerful a being to be in a relationship with this heroine, who isn't the type to be bossed.

And then I get to thinking: Will his power diminish? Will Elena's grow? Will love create a balance of some sort? Because, of course, love makes great beings vulnerable. What does Nalini Singh have in store here?

I'll report in later on this, but I want to say that everything seems so impossible in such an interesting and challenging way--the relationship, the hunter task. I feel engaged, and curious. This book is so much fun, right out of the gate. Definitely no reading slump in the Crane house tonight.