Friday, November 23, 2007

How I moderately SUFFER for my ART

Okay, being the freelance writer that I am, sometimes I get too busy and I can't get to my novel writing. Dismally unpaid as it is, it tends to take the back burner. So last year around this time, there was this complainy, work-intensive client I really wanted to dump to free up some time, and I got this idea that I would never buy any new clothes ever again and that would be my trade-off.
After all, would I rather have the day free or a pretty new outfit? I'll choose the day free every time. Almost. Anyway, the boots above are the last thing I bought before I dumped the client. I thought they were sort of cool as snowboots, and sort of rock and roll at the same a certain dangerous mood, I might wear them inside, with jeans. It was last year, and I'm still pleased with them. Maybe I don't sound all that deprived, but if you saw my coat, you wouldn't say that.
Below you see a mysterious post that contains nothing but a photo of a skirt. (Someday I will get better at blogger and be able to do things like create 2-photo posts. FYI, I will also be replacing the lighthouse design.) But I digress.
The skirt you see below evilly called to me this past Monday when I was on a visit to Target to get space heaters to heat the apartment you see in the background of my rockin' boots. "You need a holiday skirt!" It said. "You will never find another skirt like me! I am only $14.99!" With trembling hands I fingered its fabric. I could not resist its call.


Lisa Dale said...

Those *are* great boots! Good call.

Carolyn Jean said...

Why, thank you, Lisa!

bettie said...

Great boots. The skirt is adorable, too. $14.99 well spent.

Kara said...

Those are fantastic boots - exactly my taste. I love the holiday skirt too - what a great find.