Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bash, book release, breaking bad and bookmarks

Hey, I'm over at Amanda's (aka Not-really-Southern-Vamp-Chick) for her big birthday bash! For her birthday gift, I consulted a psychic to see what would happen to her in the upcoming year. The results may surprise you. I'm also giving away great RT swag and a signed FERAL WARRIORS book I got there. (I was going to give away my book, too, but I'm all out, except for a totally wrecked copy.) Anyway, go say hi. Also, you can enter a ton of celebratory giveaways!!!

Release on Friday!
Check check check it out! My pal LB Gregg's fourth installment of the Men of Smithfield series releases on Friday! LB Sez: "This is a different book for me. A little slower. A little longer. A little deeper. More sex." More here. Or go see why it's Jenre's favorite here!!

My new fave TV series
Is anybody else watching Breaking Bad? I can't believe how good this show is. It's a about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer and he starts a meth lab with one of his former students, and turns into this criminal. OMG. But don't say anything about what's coming - I'm only starting the second season through Netflix.

Bookmarks and stickers
Hey, anybody who wants Mind Games/Double Cross bookmarks, or Little CJ stickers, or Miss Doreen stickers, email me your address (carolyn at and say which items you want. Woo hoo! Happy Wednesday!


Indigo said...

Paul loves the show "Breaking Bad". It's gritty real.

Woot! Definitely will email for the swag. (Hugs)Indigo

Chris said...

And Thursday I'll have a special one day only contest for LB's new book! :)

jacabur1 said...

Have fun at Amanda's Carolyn and always nice to hear another new book recommendation.

jackie b central texas

Carolyn Crane said...

Indigo: Yes, very real! Wow.

Chris: Oooh, I'll pimp you.

Jacabur: it was very fun!! Thanks for stopping by!

Hilcia said...

Oh, I have to get LB Gregg's In and Out! Heading over to visit... :D

Chris said...

Hee hee - pimp me pimping LB - teh circular, we haz it! Thanks!

Moonsanity said...

I haven't seen Breaking Bad...we are watching so many freaking shows from Netflix it's not funny. I'm surprised they don't all just meld together in my mind:)

I'm heading over to Amanda's now!

Lea said...

Happy Wednesday CJ:

Bookmarks? Did someone say bookmarks - oooh I love bookmarks.. lol

I'll be in touch.

Have fun at the Birthday bash. Congrats to LB.

I hope all is well with you. ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

Bookmarks? There are bookmarks?
I'm emailing you asap

Chris said...

The bookmarks are spiffy (very sturdy - possibly you could slit someone's throat if you needed to!), but don't forget about the Miss Doreen and Little CJ stickers - they are awesome!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hil: hey, happy late blogiversary, too!

Chris: Sly

Moon: Netflix rocks, doesn't it? And it seems like most of the good film is actually on cable.

lea: I have your addy! It's on the way!!

Sully: Hey!

lbgregg said...

Oh! Hey! This is so sweet of you. 0_o Roomie.

As ever I adore you and your dental flossing ways (when done in the bathroom where dental flossing ways belong).

Haven't seen Breaking Bad. I have been keeping up with Glee. And Alles Was Zalht.


Amanda Leigh said...

Thanks again for the guest post and giveaway! Today has been so much fun! People's answers to your question are cracking me up too.

L.B. Gregg? I have a new author to look into!

Amanda Leigh said...

Oh, and by the way. All my followers will get a chance to win your book tomorrow. ;)

Blodeuedd said...

I watched 10 min of Breaking Bad and decided it was not for me, but bf decided he liked it and has been watching it :)