Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday items

Pig ahoy!
How did a pig get me to divulge so many things? This weekend I'm over visiting with Sullivan McPig at the blog Pearls Cast before a McPig, a quirky, smart and highly entertaining blog out of Groningen, Netherlands! In the interview, I reveal the shameful secret of the character of "The Monk" in Mind Games, as well as a special license I have...and don't worry, it's not a license to kill. Come check it out and say hi!!

New UF Blog book club...
So, Melissa from My World... in Words and Pages and Robsad79 of The Bookoholic Zone have gone and invented a new sort of book club - the blog book club. Even better, the UF blog book club.

It looks like a smart way for bloggers to relate with each other over specific books, going beyond posting links of other reviews. I love that, how it takes the spirit of book blogging a step further. I also love that they've picked Mind Games as their inaugural book!

Email them for info; what I know is that they break books into parts, and their discussions post on Thursdays, and anybody can join in. So if you've been dying to read Mind Games, or if you've read it and want to spout off about it, good or bad, this looks like a great place to do it. And keep an eye out for future book selections.

Poor old boy!
Something very major this month: Mr. Crane and I got a new car! Well, it's a new used Honda Civic. It's a lovely car. Green and gold. Very practical.

And our old duct-taped beater '94 Dodge Intrepid was towed off. I was very sad! It's totally irrational, my feelings about getting rid of a car where the AC doesn't work, the windows are hard to see out of (which is incredibly dangerous), it makes loud noises, the brakes are going and two years ago, a mechanic told us never to drive it over 40 miles an hour.

On the upside, our faithful old buddy would always start in the winter no matter what, we didn't owe money on it, and, okay, I'll admit, I liked how it was a little bit badass.

This is a little bit like the sad feeling of losing a pet. I actually had this consoling thought today that we are donating it to the Humane Society, so it will go to help animals now.

Still, I'm sad to see the old guy go!! You are so awesome and badass!!


Chris said...

So the Carolyn Crane hot word for the weekend is "badass"? ;)

Indigo said...

Your car sounds like our behemoth of a truck we sold a couple years ago. The final straw came when we the heater broke. That was the coldest winter ever with no heat in the truck. NY winters are unforgiving.

Thanks for donating to the Humane Society. I rescue strays and pay out of pocket myself to get them fixed, shots, and rehomed. (Hugs)Indigo

Lea said...

I'm rooting for you to do those 5 pull ups by the end of September..

Sorry about the towing of your "badass", but sounds like it was a needed decision. Hey enjoy the new wheels.

I think I told you before I get the same way about blue jeans - even when they get thread bear to the point of one cellulite laden ass cheek hanging out I still have trouble giving them up!

*waving at Carolyn*

Sullivan McPig said...

the interview was great fun!
And I hope you get used to the new car.

Mandi said...

We just got rid of my Honda Civic that I got right out of college...the car has 100,000,000,000 miles on it..ok maybe not..but it was awesome. But two kids with car seats - not so awesome. I was sad to see it go.

PS - If you can do five pull ups you will be my pull up hero! I fail at them.

orannia said...

Am sorry to hear the Dodge has gone to that great car yard in the sky, but your new car sound good! Happy driving!

Jill Sorenson said...

So long, old car! Happy trails!!

I come from proud, jalopy-driving stock. My dad used to have this Toyota truck he bought for $300. It got stolen and damaged (crooks just wanted a joyride) and the insurance company gave him 2k to fix it. 2k to fix a $300 truck that he drove for 15 years. HA!

My current jalopy has no a/c, but it's not quite as embarrassing as my last jalopy, an ancient turquoise Jeep. Man, that thing was a beast. I dream about getting rich and driving a piece of junk anyway. Just to be eccentric!

hahaha Mr. Crane sounds like a daredevil.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with duct tape. It works wonders. ;) We use it for many things. And it does hold wonderfully. You can even get it in colors to match your car (sometimes). ;) Glad to hear you got a new car. Hope you enjoy it, and that new car smell.

Oh, thank you so much for the mention and links for our new idea with book discussions. We really do appreciate it. :) And I am looking forward to digging into this book. Robyn said it was hard for her to stop at the first break point, so I think we have a winner here. Thank you for all your help as well. :)

Dr J said...

And a BEEEutiful car it is!! Having been privileged to ride in it the very first day you drove it, I can testify that it was comfortable, even in the back seat! But having surrounded myself with the perverbial used car lot (that's what my friends and family think of my driveway), I know the pull and tug of the emotions when one of those "old friends" goes bye-bye. It is never "in with the new, out with the old." There will always be those great remembrances when the ole "bomb" was the car of the moment and a very good friend!