Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hellooooo! and also, talking secrets at Katie Reus's place

Hey everybody!

The three of us in Mexico...before I got sick! Okay, this
pic could be taken anywhere, huh? 
I know I've been quiet around town...I'm in Mexico right now! Which was awesome until I got sick, but now I'm feeling better. *eyes coffee and rolls*  I was here with my mom and sister, and they are gone now, and Mr. Crane is traveling down to meet me. I have been nervously eyeing the weather--at home (all that snow! Will Mr. Crane's plane fly? will my mom and sister get back?) and here (so much rain in the forecast! can you tell I'm a worrier?) But this part of the trip is just us on our first non-family visiting vacation in years, so I want it to be perfect.

Ooh, and I'm reading THE IRON DUKE by Meljean Brook, which is definitely everything it's cracked up to be. I just finished Julie James' SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, which was fabulous vacay read that brought a smile to my face.

Come visit! We're talking secrets. 
Okay, and today I am visiting my pal Katie Reus's blog. She has a new release coming out entitled DANGEROUS SECRETS, and I'm blogging, in a slightly random and writerly way, about secrets, and also, giving away a copy of MIND GAMES! Come say hi!

There are a lot of fun secret and danger-oriented posts there all month. Plus, tons of giveaways - books, gift card, Nine West purse! Katie Reus knows how to throw a party!

Katie's blog.

I hope everybody is well, and happy, and I know a lot of you out there are snowed under. Well, I hope you have a good book. And pizza. Chocolate. Internet connectivity...


Julie said...

Ooo The Iron Duke is full of fun-ness.
He'll make it there and they'll make it home. Don't you worry your little head. And when he'll get there you can tell him all about Rhys and how yummy he is. But p.s. if you do, expect lots of eye rolling from Mr. Crane. For some reason, the men don't seem to appreciate it when we yap it up about the delicious dudes we read about. *shrugs* Go fig...

Chris said...

Wow, I didn't realize the scope of your vacation! How very cool. :)

kylie said...

I'm so jealous - not about getting sick - about Mexico. Have fun and stay safe :)

orannia said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick Carolyn :( I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you and Mr Crane have some nice together time in warm Mexico!

Christine said...

Mexico!!!! How nice!

Feel better and enjoy! Soak up all the warmth you can!!!