Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three cool Wednesday things!!!

One, I'm super excited to have been invited for an interview over at My Bookish Ways, a fun and smart blog with a gorgeous header I could stare at for hours.

Kristin and I talk side jobs, why I decided on a trilogy, my sordid past as an essay writer, upcoming projects and more. I'm also giving away a signed book.  Come say hi at My Bookish Ways!

Two, some great news:
• Mind Games was nominated by the reviewers over at The Romance Reviews as 2010's Best Debut Book! and... 
 • Double Cross was nominated by the reviewers over at The Romance Reviews as 2010's Best Urban Fantasy!
 I'm so honored and excited! You can see all the nominees and vote for your favorites here.

A new and highly successful kitty toy. Meet rattle mouse, the toy that Oblio loves, and can play with for hours. Rattle mouse is totally going to consume all of Oblio's attention this morning while I work.

And even better, rattle mouse is helping in my campaign to keep my still-very-kittenish little friend awake during the day so that he will not want to play at NIGHT!

Oh, look at the annoyance. Look how he can't even bear to  be separated from rattle mouse.

Happy Wednesday everybody! 


Chris said...

Congrats on the nominations!

Oh, did you get rattle mouse at Urbanimal (or whatever the place across from the Wedge is called)? I picked up a couple of those somewhere, but I couldn't remember where - and Chaos loves them as he has not loved a rattly mouse since his beloved sparkly red mouse...

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris, it's from Chuck and Don's near Whole Foods! It's just magical.

Chris said...

Oh, thank you!!! I definitely need to pick up some more of those for Chaos.

Anonymous said...

My cat loves those little mice toys. There has to be at least a dozen of those hidden all over the house. He gets them stuck in a place he can't reach them then moves on to the next toy.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Janicu said...

My cat is all about the rattling toys too. And the ones with eyes so he can pretend he's actually stalking something.

We got him a small duck that rattled, and over the past year or so it's gotten dingy and no longer rattles but the cat loves his toy and spends hours hugging it and throwing it up in the air and chasing it. You should have seen husband and I the day I accidentally vacuumed Ducky. That vacuum cleaner was taken APART.

Carolyn Crane said...

Steph: Mine too! I have a feeling there are millions of them under the radiators.

Janicu: LOL. That is so funny.

Tez Miller said...

Oblio's looking at it, but he seems bored. And he's steadfastly ignoring you ;-) But as soon as you're not watching him, I'm sure Oblio will be more interested in his new toy :-)

My cat doesn't really have toys - he prefers to sleep on the couch rather than play. He reminds me of me ;-) But occasionally he'll attack a tennis ball.

Beth Woodward said...

Congrats on the nominations! Muchly well deserved. And I saw something in the interview that I hadn't seen before: book 3 comes out in December? Yay! I'd dance, but I've got my computer in my lap, and it'd be expensive to replace.

My cat is toy averse. I can't get her to play with anything. Even catnip holds no interest for her. I got a couple of them when I adopted her, and whenever I bring them out she looks at me like, "WTF do you want me to do with that?" I think she's mocking me.

Carolyn Crane said...

Tez: That is cute. Your cat is trying to be just like you. But, do you attack tennis balls?

Beth: Oh, thanks for the happy dance thoughts!! Well, your cat sounds like a serious character. No silly stuff!