Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday stuff: Disillusionist ebooks available globally, genre cats, & the awesome Harper Blaine tour!

Disillusionist ebooks - now available all over the GLOBE!
This is the international ebook
cover for Double Cross
Doesn't it sound massive when I say it like that? But, it is massive, to me. For way too long, people living outside of North America and various related territories were unable to purchase and download Mind Games or Double Cross ebooks. 

This is the international ebook
cover for Mind Games
That is all changed! My books are now (or any day now, depending on the site) available on all the major international sites where you can get ebooks, and they are available NOW right here at Untreed Reads for just $4.99 each. You can choose whatever format you please, and buy them if you live in the places where it wasn't originally published.

I'm grateful to Untreed Reads for putting them out like this. It was a tricky operation (to me, anyway) because, they had to be reverse geographically restricted, that is, not available where the other versions were available, because that would infringe on my original publisher's territory.

Genre Cats
I love Tez Miller's new Tumblr site, Genre Cats. It's all pictures of genre authors and their kitties. One of these days, I'm going to get Mr. Crane to do some photos of us. I realized I have millions of pictures of my babies, but none of us together.  

Every time I write about my cats, I think, I need to stop talking about my cats so much. But as you can see, I can't seem to. 

Walking Tour of Harper Blaine's neighborhood in Seattle! 

Kat Richardson has made a Greywalker walking tour of Private Investigator Harper Blaine's Pioneer Square neighborhood! It's  pictures and voice over of various places in Seattle that feature in the series (which I would highly recommend. After being dead for two minutes and the resuscitated, Harper Blaine finds she can interact with the 'grey' - the layer between our world and the supernatural one. This talent of hers makes her a very unusual private detective. Awesome UF gumshoe series.)

Anyway, you can download the cell phone tour here and actually walk it if you're in Seattle, or you can just view the embedded version. This is such a boon for Greywalker fans! It's a kick to see where Harper Blaine works and the sites of various events and hear Kat talk about them. Also, you learn a some interesting things about Seattle. More on Kat's site. 


Anonymous said...

Fab news! but I think Justine needs to read this HuffPo piece on Am I Wearing Pants?

Congrats!! And looking forward to book 3!

KB/KT Grant said...

Wonderful covers! Drooling for book 3!

Chris said...

Congrats on the ebooks!

Christine said...

Love the ebook covers, Carolyn! Congrats!

Carolyn Crane said...

Jess: That is so funny! I love it. Yes, I think Justine might not pass that one.

KB, Chris & Christine: Thanky thanky!!

Tez Miller said...

Hopefully your cats aren't embarrassed to be seen in public with you ;-) They chose to live with you, and that involves making sacrifices! ;-)

Julie said...

I like the new covers, but they forgot a very, a most important part. They forgot the knife! (tee hee)
Congrats Carolyn!

Carolyn said...

Wow. I LOVE the new covers. Those are way awesome.

orannia said...

Look at those covers! WOW! And congrats on the eBooks!

Pamela {Spaz} said...

YAY for ebooks!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

YAY! Congratulations Carolyn and thanks for not resting until the Disillusionist trilogies became available in ebooks! :-D

And can't wait for Book#3 yay!! :-D

Claire C said...

just came across this and am so pleased i can buy Kindle editions in the UK, your books have been on my wishlist for ages but i've been on a strict 'e-book only' budget for a while (have no more space in my house)

Carolyn Crane said...

Claire: Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoy them!

Kuldeep said...

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