Friday, June 8, 2012

Anthology out - with my ghost story!

What fun to have this anthology out! I was so honored to be invited to contribute to this (back in 2010!) It got delayed, but here it is. 

I had so much fun writing my special ghost story for it.

Now I'm sort of laughing looking at the book blurb, especially the part where it says "ghosts come to life so that lovers can be united in the flesh." Er... that's NOT what happens in my steamy little story!  Actually, it's one of my sweeter stories, though. 

OLD SALT...a synopsis
Cassie Nolan, snarky tour guide at a seaside tourist trap in North Carolina (‘the haunted pier’), wishes that a certain strapping young sea captain who died in 1870 had a less pathetic haunting technique. Old Salt, ghost of the haunted pier, has been the object of Cassie's ridicule for years. Imagine her surprise when she discovers Old Salt is totally hunky, and pretty fed up with her attitude toward him. 

Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance
A wonderful collection of stories of supernatural love by Sharon Shinn, Dru Pagliasotti, Caridad Pineiro, Jennifer Estep, Gwyn Cready, Carolyn Crane, Jeannie Holmes, Anna Campbell, Julia London, Christie Ridgway, Holly Lisle and Liz Maverick. In happy-ever-after endings, ghosts come to life so that lovers can be united in the flesh.

If you get it, I so hope you like it. A lot of places say it's not releasing until August 7th, but actually, it came out June 7th in the UK in paperback, and as an ebook worldwide. However, you can get it in paper in the US through the backdoor, and it's not that easy to find in ebook unless you have a Kindle or Kobo. If you're interested, here are the links I could find:    
Ebook UK: Kindle | kobo | looking for others!
Ebook US:  Kindle | Kobo |  looking for others!
Paperback UK: Amazon UK | WHSmith | Alibris | MurderOne
Paperback US: Not officially available but you can get it here:  Amazon | Alibris | A1outlet  


Penelope said...

Just got it! Looks great and I can't wait to read your story.

Penelope said...

Haaaaa! I just finished your story Old Salt....I was laughing hysterically. Also, I thought it was wonderful...sweet, romantic and very funny. I'm looking forward to reading the other ones, too. :^)

Chris said...

Congrats, you! :)

Anna said...

Sweet, eh? Nice author line-up, too. Time to warm up the credit card. *swipe* :o)

Sverige said...

Mind Games isn't just good, it's diabolically good. It's fresh, it's surprising, and it's an awful lot of fun to read. In short, it really stands out in the urban fantasy genre.

When I was reading reviews of Mind Games before I bought it, I got confused. I kept reading that these neurotic people were drafted into a group called the Disillusionists, and then they discover that they can transform their crippling mental problems into superpowers of some kind. And I kept thinking, well, that's cool but I don't get it. How is hypochondria a superpower? Well, here's the answer: it's not. The Disillusionsts rally around a "highcap" - a guy with actual paranormal abilities - named Packard, who enables them to transfer all their negative thoughts, feelings, and fears into another human being...but there's a cost, and it's pretty intense.

So Justine really is just a girl with severe hypochondria. It's only by hitching a ride with Packard that she can do anything more, and her abilities remain incredibly limited. But for all that, Mind Games felt more magical to me than most books I've read in the past year about werewolves or vampires or fairies. There's no whizz-bang, but the Disillusionists are all about getting maximum impact from the abilities they have. They cooperate, they strategize, and they get results. Scary, mind-boggling results.

Carolyn Crane said...

Penelope: THanks so so much!! So happy you liked it.
Chris: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.
Anna: Hey, thanks ! I hope that you enjoy it.
Sverige: I really appreciate the kind words and insights. Yes, you are right that they are not super powers on their own.