Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

My first six-sentence Sunday! Here is a snippet from a scene from MR. REAL when Alix calls her best friend Karen to tell her what she's done...

Out October 30 

“What do you wear? That’s your big question? What to wear?”

“It’s not my only question,” Alix protested.

And just like that, Karen hung up.

Alix stared at the phone.

She’d gotten drunk and ordered her magic computer to bring a sexy TV spy to life. To visit her home and fuck her.

Okay, but it’s not like it would rip the fabric of the universe!


kristalbaird said...

I wouldn't be so sure about that last comment if I was her! Nice 6 (and welcome to #sixsunday)

Anna said...

Sounds hot!

Rinelle Grey said...

Love it!