Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mind Games Italian cover!

It is so fun to see Mind Games translated into Italian! And here is the cover. It's a very different visual interpretation of the book, but I think it captures the whole psyche-out and psychological aspect of the series.

I even have my first review in Italian! Thank you, Italian reader!! It's three stars, so a mixed bag. I can tell that this reviewer goes for the same themes my English language reviewers go for: romance content, first person present narration, originality, genre, Midcity, Packard. I can't really read it beyond that and I'm perfectly happy about that as I'm not a massive review reader.

In other news, my elaborate password encryption and storage system...omg when I call it that, it doesn't at all come off as the wacky homespun thing it truly is, but anyway, it is beginning to defeat even me. This Justine on the cover of the Italian Mind Games, doesn't she look smart and tech-savvy? She would laugh at my system. She would never forget the password to blogger!


KB/KT Grant said...

Aw, no mini cucumber though *pout*

Christine said...

omg LOVE the Italian cover! Congrats!

Addicted2Heroines said...

Love it!!