Thursday, September 26, 2013

My megabus experiment weekend!

Okay, wish me luck, friends! I'm going on a 6-hour bus trip tomorrow to Milwaukee...that's right, on the bus!!

It's sort of recon for my elderly mom, who loves to drive to Minneapolis to visit me, but I would feel sooo much better if she took the bus. So I'm checking it out! I'm being the guinea pig. 

Oh, I remember my college days of taking the seedy, scary Greyhound around. That's kind of all I can think of.

Supposedly busses have improved since them. I'll give a report, maybe even some pictures. Hey, maybe it will be better than driving! I hear they even have wi-fi now. Maybe I'll get some writing done.

Gulp. What's everyone else up to this weekend?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Have fun! I took a bus once from Atlantic City to NYC. It was cool to just kick back and let someone else drive while I played sightseer.

I'm hoping to garden a bit this weekend, but it's supposed to rain, so we'll see.

Anna said...

Oh, the people you meet on the bus!

The ride from Phoenix to Vegas was not scenic. Lots of desert and tiny towns, although Wickenburg was nice! An elderly drifter started a conversation. He seemed very excited to have a person listen to him. It took nine hours to get to LV. : /

This weekend I'm helping daughter with a school project due next week. Will also read, complete an assignment and home remodel stuff.

Have a safe trip! Enjoy the scenery,too!