Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 9 phases of my Jill Shalvis hostage crisis

Has this ever happened to you: You buy a book. You KNOW you bought it. But you can't find it!

This has been the ongoing situation with me and Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis. Everybody raved about it when it came out and I felt I had to have it. I don't read many contemporaries, AND it was trade, so it was a big thing for me to buy it.

After I buy books, I have this little thing I do where I bring them to bed, which is where I do 90% of my reading, and set them out in front of me and look at the covers and read the back copy and stuff and admire them. So, I remember doing this. I remember the guy's jacket on the front, and that it was a trade edition. And then I put it in my little TBR area under my bedside table, super excited to read it after I finished whatever I was reading at the time. And that's the last I saw of it.

I still really really want to read it, and I think I may want to read other Jill Shalvis books, but I won't know until I read this one, and I can't find this one. And I'm not going to check it out of the library or borrow it from somebody when I own a copy, and I'm not going to buy another copy. It's like the Jill Shalvis portion of my reading life is totally held hostage in an ongoing crisis characterized by distinct and often painful phases:

Denial: That's funny, I thought it was here in my TBR area. Oh, well, it'll turn up. Read sexy vampires instead.

Vague effort: I finish sexy vampires and I'm ready for Instant Attraction. That's funny, I totally thought it was here. Slightly deeper search in TBR area next to bed. Ooh, interplantery travel with smutty interludes! Read sci fi instead.

Annoyance: Finish several books and really crave to read Instant Attraction. WTF? I know it was here. Seach full TBR area, then settle for a book I want to read way less.

Full Dust Bunny Safari: Weeks later, think fondly of plot of IA. Mousey accountant. Hunky snowboarder. Conduct anexhaustive search in sattelite TBR areas, all bookcases, and fully under bed, which has lots of dust. Emerge sneezy and crabby and in the mood for a historical.

Self doubt: How does a book disappear? Where could it be? Am I sure I bought it? Did I look at pictures of it online and it burned into my mind? But, I know I bought it.

Dashed hopes: Months later, while cleaning, spy a book BEHIND a book shelf. I become excited. Instant Attraction? Could it be? No, a C.E. Murphy I already read! Weeks later, light bulb goes off in head. Maybe it is in the suitcase from my trip to Mexico! In an inside pocket! Rush to suitcase. Empty. $#%&.

Bargaining: Maybe if I stop looking for it, it will turn up, or I will suddenly remember where I put it. Drown myself in the charms of all other books except Instant Attraction.

Forgetting: Start forgetting about it, thanks to the charms of the many other fabulous books I read. More new books come out, easing the pain of knowing that book has to be here somewhere.

Anger: I see a great review of Instant Attraction. Where the #&*$ is my copy? I know it's here somewhere! Renewed search of TBR area. Portions of cycle repeat.

Instant Attraction, where are you??????? Mousey accountant. Hunky snowboarder. Both wrestling with demons. The cabin. Sigh. Has this ever happened to you? What book? Where did the book turn up?

**UPDATE**: Jill Shalvis has kindly offered to send me another copy of IA!! (See comments). After some hesitation, I decided to take her up on her generous offer, and do Renee's suggestion and hold a contest for the lost copy when and if it turns hopefully readable condition. Yay!


Blodeuedd said...

Lol, great post. I do think it might be the book goblins that have stolen it. They always stole spaghetti from a friend and I when we used to make it. And we all know about those who steals socks, hm, worth thinking about ;)

Kati said...

Did you look in the fridge? I sometimes put my car keys there by mistake.

If you send me your address, I'll be glad to send you my copy, darlin'.

Carolyn Crane said...

Bloddd: Oh, right! LOL - when I find those missing sock mates, maybe I'll find Instant Attraction.

Kati: I've put stuff in the fridge too! Car keys - yikes! Your offer is very sweet - thanks! If the hostage crisis persists, I may take you up on it, but I really want to read my copy I know I bought.

Liza said...

I have so many books on my TBR bookshelf that I have this happen lots of time. However, the latest one I can't find is More Blazing Bedtime stories by Julie Leto and Leslie Kelly. I know I got it in the mail last month. I know I put it in one of my travel bags, but can't for the life of me find it now. I might just end up buying it again and donating the other one to the library if it ever turns up.

Jill Shalvis said...

Been there. Oh, Lord have I been there. Let me send you a copy ... email me with your addy, lol, and we'll settle this Shalvis situation once and for all.

Lea said...

Behind the desk, in amongst the Woolley Mammoths (=dust bunnies in my house).

Very frustrating. Kudos to Ms. Shalvis for coming to the rescue CJ.

The other place is inside the bathroom vanity cupboard - next to the toilet paper... Don't ask. *sigh*


Chris said...

Under a car seat? ;) Left behind in Mexico? Held hostage by dust bunnies?

You should take Kati up on her offer, then set IA in the TBR pile and see what happens....

Indigo said...

All the t i m e. It gets infuriating sometimes. I hate reading books out of sequence, even if they could stand alone. I went through the mad search a week ago to no avail.

I had brought "The Dark River" by John Twelve Hawks, before I discovered he had another "The Traveler. Actually I thought I already had the "The traveler". I could swear I brought it but haven't found it yet. Meanwhile I won't read "The Dark River" until I've read the first.

I'm getting to the point of no return and I'll probably buy "Time Traveler." (Hugs)Indigo

Carolyn Crane said...

Liza: More Blazing Bedtime stories sounds like a great book. I hope you find it.

Jill: Wow! Hi Jill! LOL. You are so funny and generous to offer a new copy! Thanks so much. However, I know it is here in the apartment and I'm sure it will turn up somewhere stupid any day now. These lost books always do. In fact, I was thinking, I bet if I do that post, I'll open a closet or drawer and IA will be there. I still have hope! And Chris' car idea is kind of good.

Lea: LOL Bathroom pantry, say no more!

Chris: Car seat is an interesting and possibly profitable angle. And you know what the back of our car looks like...I have never searched there. I actually have new hope now.

Indigo: Oh, dear, that's difficult because you aren't completely sure you have the Traveler! Wow, I hope it gets sorted out! Good luck!

Leslie said...

I've found books I fogot I bought. That's always a treat. LOL

If it were me I would look in the book boxes under my bed or in dh's pile of books.

Did you loan it to someone and just forgot? Not that you're forgetful. :)

Holly said...

I heart you. I really do. And I love that you're so distracted by the shiny.

I bet, like Kati, you'll find it in the freezer. No really, stuff totally shows up in there. It's crazy!

This happens to me constantly. And 90% of the time I come to realize I've loaned it out to someone. Recently I couldn't find a Hannah Howell book I wanted to re-read (His Bonnie Bride - an amazing read if you haven't tried it!). I searched everywhere for months and months.

Finally, in a fit of pique, I went online and ordered another copy. A very EXPENSIVE copy, I might add, since the stupid thing is OOP now.

Wanna know what happened then? Sure enough, my husband's GRANDMOTHER of all people, returned it to me (she loved it, btw). So now I have two copies.

Son of a - .

Mandi said...

LOL - that is what you go through when you lose a book. I have so been there.

Are you sure you didn't loan it to someone? I spend days looking and freaking just to remember a friend has it.

Carolyn Crane said...

Leslie: I'm sure I didn't loan it, but DH's pile isn't a bad idea.

Holly: Well, I'm just glad your husband's grandmother liked it.

Mandi: I know I didn't loan it, but I have high hopes for the car!!! It's like a hunt now, and I must find it!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Reading this post and the comments is like a romance suspense mystery drama with little sci fi dust bunnies thrown in.

Good Luck and I know this sounds strange but is it possible your book is hiding INSIDE another book - trust me, it can happen.

Hilcia said...

Yikes! I hate it when that happens to me... I tear down my bookshelves, the whole house looking for a particular book when I want to read it! I hope you find IA or get another copy soon, CJ. :)

Indigo, please don't try to read "The Dark River" unless you've read "The Traveler" first. It won't make sense to you. :) TT is the 1st in the trilogy and TDR is the 2nd. Try to find it... yikes!

Renee said...

It's the cats. They are holding it hostage. They want less reading, more time worshipping them with cat treats and pets.

My guy always says "check the poop" given that our dog will eat just about anything. I'd check your cats' litter box.

I'd go for the IA that Jill Shalvis is so kindly offering. I can't wait for book 3 in the series! IA is such a great story, and if you ever do find your copy, send it off to another reader via a giveaway!

Tumperkin said...

does this have a snow-in? I love snow-ins.

Tumperkin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
orannia said...

CJ - I just love the way your mind works :)

Hmmm. I always retrace my steps if I lose something, which is often ATM as my short-term memory is ATROCIOUS! 'Where was I when I had X in my hand...then where did I go?' It usually works. Good luck!

Oh, and what was the CE Murphy book you found? Am guessing it's not the latest in the Walker Papers series, which I can't wait to read BTW :)

Patti said...

My vote goes with under the car seat or husband's pile. I do feel your pain though, I recently went looking for a book on the shelf (signed by the author) and can't find it anywhere. Am not happy - we could have loaned it to a number of people. Methinks it's gone forever.

Cecile said...

Many of my thoughts are echoed here today... LMAO!!! And I have sooo been there, done that and continue to do that! I am loving your list though!
I would go with the let it go forget about it... and it will come (or you will get aggravated enough to go buy it again.. =))
Hope you have a great night and I will say a little book prayer that you find it.... No wait... that it finds you!!!

Carolyn Crane said...

SVZ: LOL. It is like that! Inside another book...sounds like the voice of experience.

Hilcia: Well, Jill's offer is sort of tempting!!

Renee: That's a great idea! If I find the lost one, have a contest. That's actually a sort of great idea...

Tump: Well, I don't know, but I think it does have a snow in. If only I could find the book....

Orannia: LOL. It was Heart of Stone. You're reading the walker papers? I want to start that series!!

Patti: Oooh, a signed copy lost!! That hurts.

Cecile: Book prayer! LOL. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

I bet you Anonymous stole it. He/she sounds very suspicious.

Did you check the car yet?

I usually do this sort of thing with books that don't belong to me. Books that friends lend me, library books, school books, etc. The fact that I was left responsible with someone else's property and I still lost it... totally adds new dimension to the drama.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

I am a little scared but Anon's comment, but am sending my warm wishes for your book;s safe return anyway.

By the way, your bad juju is rubbing off -- I have lost a book I am in the MIDDLE of.

And finally, why haven't I read this? I loved Shalvis's Double Play, and I love snowbound/cabin roms.

Carolyn Crane said...

Anon: Change immanent: eye of the needle sleeps at noon. There can be no further discussion on the matter. Regards to PL.

Christine: Yes, it's worse when it's loaned! That happens to me, too!

Jessica: In the middle of! That is a horrible time to lose a book.

Mary G said...

Look under the bed. I take mine to bed too. I pile them on the floor & then they fall over. Good luck.

naida said...

I'm constantly losing stuff...hope you find it! When you least expect it, it will turn up.

Nicola O. said...

Hah! When that happens to me-- and it TOTALLY DOES, I blame the children.

They're handy for that sort of thing, and guilty at least half the time.

Anonymous said...

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pattepoilue said...

LOL This post made me laugh a lot, It did happen to me once but it was with a book for college...i wasn't that in a hurry to find it back. But every time i went on searching for it i came back reading something else.
I remember the title because it was a horrible book (under the volcano malcolm lowry) and when i finally found it i never finished it.
I'm glad you'll get to finally read it now ;)