Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Trailer Tuesday - zombies! And an unrelated poll

Here's the deal: most genre trailers have photos, often of attractive people, with words floating across, set to dramatic music. And on trailer Tuesday, I always ignore that kind of trailer, even though that's 95% of them. Am I wrong to ignore them? Maybe those are the kinds of trailers that people like. Let me know if you have an opinion on that!

Maybe those are the kind that work. Isn't it funny how everybody always says, well, nobody knows if book trailers really work. Nobody knows what to think of book trailers. With this Trailer Tuesday meme, which it seems only two people on the planet are doing - Anastasia of Bird Brained Blog and I - it's as if we are exploring uncharted territory! Dudes, we are like Star Trek.

This trailer, and bear with me, I know it's a zombie thing and not everybody likes zombies, but it's really cool. It has words and music and photos, but the photos move to the beat of the music in a way I really like. And the words are minimal. I found this trailer enjoyable to watch because of the way these three elements work together.

Did you notice how I said the word 'dudes' up there in the sentence, "Dudes, we are like Star Trek!" You don't know how many times lately I have written dude, and then deleted because, who says dude anymore? It's a 1990's thing. I wasn't saying dude back in the 1990's, but suddenly it's almost 2010, and I want to say it. All the time!

It's kind of weird. What has gotten into me? I have never been a dude person! Ooh, maybe this post will break me of it. Anyway, poll at left. Please advise.


Renee said...

Re: Dude

Well, when my kid's 9 y.o. friend comes over to play, it's, "Dude" this and "Dude" that. So, you're in with the under 10 crowd, at least! lol

Yes, please ignore cheesy Flash-type floaty words with model-esqe people. Unless it's one of Marta Acosta's tongue in cheek take-offs.

Chris said...

But, isn't it Monday?! So confused.

Anastasia said...

Dude, that thing you kept bugging me to get written re:book trailers? I totally wrote it. It's going up tomorrow. :D

Also, I use dude! I used dude in this comment. Also in my post, now that I look at it. It's a little dated, but I like it. It's got that skater/surfer-chic thing I admire.

Tumperkin said...

I've not really been commenting on your BTT posts cos I just don't watch book trailers. But I watched this one - and yes! It made me want to buy the book! And I don't even like zombie stuff or read Stephen King or like gore or anything like that! And yes, it's the grim relentless music and the photos with those strong images (the figures popping up on the field of grass is particuarly grim). Powerful stuff.

What I wonder about book trailers more generally is how people see them? Do you mostly pick these up on author websites - or what, dude?

Blodeuedd said...

Oh dude, right on.
I do use it, must be weird 90's flashbacks I have nowadays

Indigo said...

Dude is also a 60's and a 70's kind of thing. I think once a generation it comes back in force.
It's more prevalent among the gypsy and hippies crowd.

I've always had a gypsy heart so it totally works for me. Just like saying "Wicked" when I like something. I'm glad you don't do the glamour puss takes. (Hugs)Indigo

Carolyn Crane said...

Renee: Oh, in with the under 10 crowd! I guess I'll look at that as good.

Chris: I put it up early! I don't know why.

Anastasia: Ooh! Must go see, dude!

Tumperkin: That's a good question. I mean, part of me thinks the hope is that if they're fun enough, they'll get passed around on their own merits and heighten awareness of books. Anatasia may have some additional thinking on that on her post, which I have to go see.

Blo: Look how I bow to peer pressure: I'm glad to see you and others use it!

Indigo: Okay, that's an interesting perspective - the long view, and it comes around once a generation. I like it!

meljean brook said...

OT -- But in case you don't check back at my site:

A Library Girl said...

Nice trailer. I found the bits at the end, with the woman and the children, to be far creepier than the zombies in the field at the beginning (which just looked to me like people walking funny while staring at the ground).

Hilcia said...

Hey, Dudette! I happen not to really like those trailers with the floating words, models and background music -- never look at them. I usually ignore book trailers in general, actually.

orannia said...

I saw use it ('dude') if you like it :)

Ahhh...there is movement afoot to upgrade my computer, and then I will be able to watch book trailers, and peruse YouTube and the like. *bounce bounce*

wooly daisy said...

i soooo have to show the trailer to older son-he's 17.5 loves anything zombie!!!!! great holiday gift idea-thanks!

Lea said...

"Dude" - damn I love you girl!!!


You made my night CJ, seriously!

I voted!


Lea said...

By the way, that is one cool trailer. Lots of money invested in that one!


Cecile said...

oh wow... very cool! sorry i am so late! hope all is going well my friend. i lost your url... took me a while to get back to you... here!
hope you had a great day!

Ladytink_534 said...

Great trailer. I prefer the ones acted out if they are done well and though I'm not real big on zombies there are quite a few authors here that I love...

Rebecca @ DSB said...

I love using Dude. Sure, it dates me horribly, but I gave up on being cool around my sophomore year in high school.

Michelle said...

The hubby never uses the word dude until we return to his hometown (podunk Idaho) and he's around all his country HS buddies. It's like they never really left the '90s and he gets sucked back in every time we go up there. Ack! Time warp! Somebody ought to write a sci-fi/romance about that!

Anyways, I'm a good wife however and often ridicule him for only using a word after crossing a particular state line.

prashant said...

that thing you kept bugging me to get written re:book trailers? I totally wrote it. It's going up tomorrow.

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kanishk said...

I used dude in this comment. Also in my post, now that I look at it.

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