Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car fixed! And Angels' Blood update

Yay! it's fixed (Before picture to the right, after below. Part 1 of this saga here). Okay, it may not look all that fixed, but it does look sort of punk rock, doesn't it?

Also, you can't see this, but the other side has duct tape, too - the guy at our garage fixed the left turn signal, which was broken forever. It is so nice not to have to stick our hands out the window for turning.

Sigh. Poor 1994 Dodge Intrepid aka Millenium Falcon.

It's just a little too old to pour a bunch of money into, and really, we barely need a car. Mr. Crane walks to his office, and I work at home unless I have a meeting, or if I have to be onsite with a client or agency. And we walk to our grocery store and stuff.

And this bad boy starts no matter what the temperature is and gets us where we want to go. What more can you ask for?

Okay, yes, it would be nice to drive on the highway, but a mechanic advised us not to take it over 40 mph. But other than that. What else could you ask for?

Reading update:
Ooooh! My torrid love affair with Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood continues. I had to really force myself to put it down and go to sleep last night. I'm glad I'm reading it now, because the next in the series, Archangel's Kiss, is out next week.


Christine said...

Glad your care is ... uh ... more fixed? LOL.
Will your punk rock car pass inspection like that, though? I know here in NJ you'd fail without a proper light fixture. :(

Hilcia said...

So glad the Millenium Falcon is ready to take flight again, CJ!

Hmm... smart woman reading Angel's Blood now. I remember falling in love with Raphael... hmm... yes!

Chris said...

That car has ATTITUDE!

So... is there a trip to Uncle Hugo's in our future, perhaps the evening of Feb 2, or on Saturday, Feb 6????

Carolyn Crane said...

Christine: Oh, right, hopefully we don't have an inspection soon. I sort of think we hardly ever have them here.

Hilcia: Yes, my love for Raphael will be nice and fresh!!

Chris: The car is out kicking some ass right now. Emailed you re: HUGO operation. That's an affirmative.

Tumperkin said...

Excellent. You and Mr Crane can go and cruise the side streets again in your slinky car.

I too am having thrilling reading pleasures. Four words: Tom. and. Sharon. Curtis.

Jill Sorenson said...

LOL. Even your car is funny.

azteclady said...

I love your car philosophy. LOVE IT!

says the woman who rides a bike and drags a bike trailer to the grocery store ;-)

orannia said...

I'm glad the fixing of the car is and interesting directions :) And I'm glad you're enjoying Angels' Blood!

Tyra Shortino said...

That car has attitude, which adds a bit of spice in its automated life, hehe. Anyway, it's best to listen to the advice of your mechanic. While it gets the job done, don't push too hard on the road.