Monday, January 25, 2010

Late to the Angels' Blood Party. But I brought pointy hats!

Great moments from last night's reading
Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
Page: 58
Spoiler level: nil

I am just settling into this book, and I may be staying up quite late tonight--it's hooked me in a way other books haven't lately. The writing is lovely and dense, the world is so freshly imagined, but it's the H/H conflict that has really captured my imagination.

Again, I'm only starting it, so I may be off on some things. The plot, in short so far: Elena, tracker and hunter of vampires, has been hired/forced by uber-powerful Archangel Raphael to take a suicidally difficult job.

Here, a passage I came across last night. Raphael flies her to his office rooftop to discuss details of the case. Elena says:
If you think I'm going to follow you around like a puppy..."

He glanced over his shoulder. "I could make you crawl, Elena." No trace of any humanity in his face, nothing but the glow of such power that she wanted to shade herself from it. It was an effort not to take a stumbling step backward. "Do you really want me to force you onto your hands and knees?"

At that second, she knew he'd do exactly that.
And later:
Around her burned a million city lights, but up on this roof, there was only darkness--except for the glow coming off him. She'd heard people whisper of this phenomenon but had never thought to witness it. Because when an angel glowed, he became a being of absolute power, power that was usually directed to kill or destroy.
The power imbalance here is so colossal. At times I'm like, could Raphael truly be the hero? But yes, clearly he is. I found myself thinking there is no way this can work. He's far too insanely powerful a being to be in a relationship with this heroine, who isn't the type to be bossed.

And then I get to thinking: Will his power diminish? Will Elena's grow? Will love create a balance of some sort? Because, of course, love makes great beings vulnerable. What does Nalini Singh have in store here?

I'll report in later on this, but I want to say that everything seems so impossible in such an interesting and challenging way--the relationship, the hunter task. I feel engaged, and curious. This book is so much fun, right out of the gate. Definitely no reading slump in the Crane house tonight.


Rebecca @ DSB said...

Ack Carolyn, now you've got me itching to reread this one again. Yes, Nalini definitely pushes the boundaries of this alpha hero, but it still worked for me. In a word, it's HOT. Your timing is great, because the next in the series comes out next month (I think!) and I can't wait to read it. It'll be one of my few 'buy it on release day' picks.

Nicola O. said...

Biting my tongue, looking forward to your review!

Mandi said...

So good....soooooo goooooooood

Chris said...

She's magic, isn't she, that Nalini?!

Janicu said...

Hmm. I have this on the TBR.. this is making it go up some spots.

Carolyn Crane said...

Rebecca: I know it's coming out, part of why I wanted to catch up. So glad I'm on it!

Nicola & Mandi: I have a feeling the review will be quite positive.

Chris: She has the touch.

Janicu: Hurry and get ready for the next release.

Renee said...

Gah! I just love this book. So glad you're reading it. You have some good reading ahead.

Reading your post has decided me to re-read this before Archangel's Kiss.

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

Loved, loved this book...the next will be here next week!

Kati said...

I love Raphael! I love his ruthlessness. I love how he looks at Elena literally like an ant...until he doesn't.

I love that she fascinates him, in the way you look at something you've never really noticed before and think, "Huh."

I'm SO glad you're enjoying this book! And just in time for the next release!

Tracy said...

I just started the next book in this series. I can't wait to see what else you'll have to say about the book. Elena and Raphael are amazing together but it's an intense read.

orannia said...

I liked this book and yet... I can't find the words, but it's a me thing :) I'm definitely looking forward to the second book though. Happy reading CJ!

I love how he looks at Elena literally like an ant...until he doesn't.

That is just the best description Kati!

Cecile said...

You must keep me informed on how the book is going!!! I am very intrigued!

Nicola O. said...

*whispers* I didn't actually like it that much....

Christine said...

LOVE. THIS. BOOK. Seriously... my favorite paranormal slash urban fantasy of 2009. So good, I'm tempted to read it again before I read Archangel's Kiss, and I don't usually do re-reads! So glad you're enjoying it.