Thursday, December 9, 2010

Notable Books & 2011 predictions for Smugglivus!

What shocking new innovation will Apple unveil in 2011? What confusing concept will President Obama go on TV to explain to the nation? What are a few of the books that yours truly freaked out on this past year?

It's all at The Book Smugglers today! Those sad, sick, book-obsessed yet lovely bloggers have really been doing it up this year for their fabulous SMUGGLIVUS hoe-down. And I'm honored to be one of today's guests.

Happy Smugglivus!!  Woo-hoo! Come visit.


Elizabeth said...

Another winner. Funny as always :)
I'm hoping you used that cartoon from The Oatmeal on purpose, but just in case you didn't, as a cat fan you should definitely check out this cartoon-

Elizabeth said...

Now I'm doubting myself, lol. I'm pretty sure I've read about you having cats, but I could be confused. Just in case you don't there are writing friendly cartoons too, like this one on the various uses of Irony-

Carolyn Crane said...

Elizabeth - I love cats! I'd been meaning to ask where the Booksmugglers got that image, and I totally saw that cat cartoon before. It is the funniest thing. Thanks for the link. Also because, I hadn't seen the irony one.