Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is it about UF?

 Julie over at the Yummy Men and Kick-ass Chicks blog has a fun and lively consideration of the urban fantasy genre going on this whole week.

Today, she has gathered a truckload of UF authors to answer one question: Why do you write UF?

I'm there, and like the dork I am, I have the longest and most lugubrious answer. As compared to Illona Andrews, who has a super succinct one! There's also Kelly Meding, Vicki Pettersson, Stacia Kane and a bunch of other authors.

This mondo post is only part of the "What is it about Urban Fantasy?!" Week.

Other happenings for "What is it about Urban Fantasy?!" Week: 


orannia said...

•Go add to the conversation--tell why you think UF is awesome (or not awesome * narrows eyes*) here.

Ahhhh. *ducks head* ATM UF and I aren't on the same page...but (looking for the silver lining :) maybe if I read why UF is awesome I will be reinspired :)

Chris said...

*waves weakly* Hi stranger! How's it going?! Not sure I'll be surfacing much until January!