Monday, September 19, 2011

Random weekendy photos and happy Monday!

Good morning friends! I hope everybody had a good weekend. It was deliciously autumnal here. I got caught up on a day job project with a hot deadline, some novella writing, though unfortunately no cleaning. 

This photo from Friday night. The scene when I got back to bed from brushing my teeth. The cats love to be under the covers, and they stayed posed like this a miraculously long time while I got my smartphone. My twitter friends have seen this picture. Because of course, I must show everybody. 

Mr. Crane and I made coconut soup. It has tomatoes and onions and zucchini and miso and a bunch of other stuff - I can give the recipe if anybody wants it, but you really do need to open a few young coconuts with a machete. When the orange and white cat, Oblio, even hears the machete come out of the drawer he runs and hides, though sometimes he comes into the kitchen and cries in victimy protest while Mr. Crane is hacking away. You would think we routinely chase him around the place with it, but I swear, we never do! The soup was damn delicious. 

In addition to the mystery book from the post below, I am reading Dark Road to Darjeeling, #4 in the Lady Julia Grey series. So love being back in this series! And I organized my Goodreads shelves. As I noted on Twitter recently, advice to new Goodreads users: set up your shelves early in the game. Don't put all your books onto the same massive shelf like I did. Come be my Goodreads friend here!

Our storage room in the basement. We were talking about putting up some more of our pictures. Unfortunately, no home decoration bargaining chip is large enough for Mr. Crane to accept the having Little CJ (my childhood portrait painted by an elderly aunt) or the unicorn and unicorn baby pic up on a wall, and I no longer have my own office to hang them in. I have vetoed plenty of his pictures, so it's only fair. 

So I was looking at my poor pictures in the storage room this weekend. It is very sad. Also, one wonders what the neighbors think when they walk by.

Somehow, though, I hold out hope that Mr. Crane will suddenly change his mind. Perhaps some mysterious force will compel him to go down to the storage room and get Little CJ and put her back up. What do you think?

So what did you guys do this weekend? What are you reading?


KB/KT Grant said...

Why can I see Lil' CJ hopping out of her painting to ride the mommy unicorn?

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, I hadn't thought of them teaming up! LOL

KB/KT Grant said...

and Mho can visit for the weekend and join in on the adventures!

Chris said...

If you leave her down in the basement, she's going to be plotting against Mr C... he should let her be where he can keep an eye on her!

Sullivan McPig said...

Little CJ in storage? That's not going to end well. She'll have her revenge. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr C. is going to have nightmares about her.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Carolyn!

Lil' CJ is not going to like being ignored...just sayin'... Mr. C needs to consider all possibilities before nixing her. lolol

I'm reading 3 books right now... Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon, Dead Mann Walking by Stefan Petrucha, and Lockdown by Alexander Smith. I'm always ambitious when it comes to read....

Dottie :)

word verification: begin...does it know something I don't?

Chelsea / Vampire Book Club said...

Oh, I think Lil' CJ is plotting down there in storage. Mr. C should be a bit more concerned about the ramifications of ignoring her...

Also, I didn't think I knew anyone who keeps a machete handy... for coconut purposes and whatnot. Little did I know you were packing blades. Heh.

Right now I'm finishing up reading SPIDER'S BITE by Jennifer Estep. (It's the Sept. group read for VBC.) Also, just finished Kristen Painter's BLOOD RIGHTS and ZOMG it's soooooo good (and complete with a batshit crazy villain).

Pamela {Spaz} said...

The paintings of lil CJ (thanks for another Lil CJ post!) and the unicorns are making me giggle profusely. Still giggling....

still giggling....

If I walked by and saw those two gems through the window I'd have to bring my hubs by to peep and see them too. They're amazing.

Tez Miller said...

I hadn't seen that gorgeous kittehs pic! Don't have much time for Twitter or Facebook nowadays, so please cross-post your kitteh pics here, too :-)

Why would Mr Crane want Little CJ when he can have YOU?! ;-) Be careful - that scary child may try to usurp your position in the house. Can't she live with another relative? ;-)

Anna said...

Hmmm...organizing my GR bookshelves sounds like a good idea. It may take a while since I'm not sure how to do that yet. I barely learned how to underline, bold, use italics, etc etc.

Maybe little CJ can be rolled up and properly stored until you know what to do with her. ;o) I'm sure it's just me but portraits can be a little creepy. It probably has to do with an old Roddy McDowell tv movie called Night Gallery. *shivers*

Thanks again for the J.A. Saare ebook. I enjoyed Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. Then, I LOVED The Renfield Syndrome. What a story! I can't wait until the next book in the series releases. I also saw your book Head Rush is listed on Samhain now. Woot! Can't wait!

Renee said...

*whispers* Maybe if you have him take a "quick look" at lil CJ, he will become entrapped by her mesmerizing stare, and do her/your bidding. ;-)

Right now, I'm reading Sherlock Holmes fanfic (based on the recent Mystery/BBC series). It's a really fun read. Also, Marta Acosta's Dark Companion (it'll be released in 2012). It's gothic-y goodness!

I STILL have to get to Dark Road to Darjeeling!

Have a great week, CJ. :-)

Christine said...

Totally adorable kitty pics! And so funny about Oblio running when he hears the machete come out of the drawer!

I have been meaning to start the Lady Grey series for ages. Since my library has all the books, at least I know they'll be there when I want them!

I am actually reading Charlaine Harris' Grave series at the moment. I read the first one in July, the second in August, just finished the third yesterday and already have book four out from the library.

Have you read Harris' Lily Bard Mystery series, too? I loved that one. I actually just mentioned on my blog how I gravitate to these two leading females--Harper Connelly and Lily Bard, but I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it is as you suggest--they're ordinary and underdog-like. I suppose I can relate to that. LOL.

Oops. I guess that last paragraph relates more to your previous post than this one, but I'm too lazy to cut and past over to the other comments. Sorry. :P

Becky said...

Yeah, my goodreads shelf is insanely huge too. Those are quite the painting you have there :)

I know I would at least display the unicorn one proudly.

Also I nominated you for the "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Blog Award" :)

Because your books are awesome and immensely readable.

Check out Gini Koch's Win Stuff page ( and get all the info. So join in the fun and possibly win some cool prizes in the process.

Bastard said...

Oh send me that soup recipe, I'm still quite curious about it.

As for what I'm reading, well I read some books by Naomi Clark, liked them, though one of them is certainly a bit too psycho sick for many. Some very disturbing scenes. But I liked it a lot. I wonder what that says about myself lol.

Also beta read for someone, which was awesome.

And now reading Spider's Revenge by Jennifer Estep.