Friday, September 9, 2011

Title news & guest post/giveaway scoop!

Head Rush. Game on! 
Hey everybody! First, thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my title poll. It was fun and also really helpful to get your input. I was torn between HEAD RUSH and PSYCH OUT, and it was heartening to see that both seemed to work for most people, and that they were basically a tie. It showed me they are both strong good titles. (And, good also, to have THE ART OF FEAR put to rest so decidedly.)

Anyway, the title is going to be HEAD RUSH. (Which I understand was originally the brainchild of Amy Boggs - @notjustanyboggs -  baby agent at Donald Maass, during a brainstorming session there. Thanks, Amy!) I'm really happy about it.

A title is a collaboration between the author, editor, agent, and others, and it helped to have a reader perspective. Soon, I hope, there will be a cover. I've seen some gorgeous covers coming out of Samhain lately.

The book: my personal Rorschach Ink blot.
Is the book good, or does it suck? 
An author goes through phases about books (or at least I do). There will be weeks where I'll love a book that I've written and think it's so great, and then I'll hate it and think it's terrible, the worst dreck on earth, and then I go back to thinking it's wonderful, the best thing I've ever written, and then back to terrible, what schlock!

All the while, the book pretty much doesn't change. Clearly my different perceptions mean more about me than the book. Like an ink blot.

Anyway, I'm on the upside of that right now with Head Rush (the  book itself, not the title). Loving it! So excited! Joyous. That will change and I will get all critical about it, but what the heck, it feels good for now. Also, I noticed on Goodreads, it has the highest rating of all my books so far, even though it has not yet been released in any form whatsoever. LOL. Goodreads and I are both on the upswing about it in a conceptual way.

Release info
Come stop by Stella's. We're all about
the pleasures of novellas today! 
So, HEAD RUSH will release as an audio book from (also, the itunes store and possibly elsewhere--must investigate) in early November (all  3 books come out at once in audio). It will release as an ebook on December 6th (available where ebooks are typically sold - Amazon, B&N, ARE, Sony Reader store, etc. as well as Samhain) and as print in 2012 at some point, available from the usual sites and some bookstores)
I have posted about audiobooks on my website. Thanks so much to Liza (@mslizalou) and Melissa (@MelLhay) for questions that led me to this post.

 Realizations of a former short story and novella, discussion, and giveaway at Stella's! 
Today I'm over at Stella Ex Libris, with a post about my reformed ways as a reader and writer of shorter fiction, and novellas in general. I'm also giving away a copy of Wild & Steamy to one lucky commenter.

Come vent or gush about short fiction, just say hi, and maybe win! 


LSUReader said...

HEAD RUSH...Yay! Come on, Dec. 6!

Becky said...

Awesome, can't wait to listen to and then read it. :)

Skitty said...

Congrats on the new title! Love it! I anxiously await the audiobook. Do you know who the reader is going to be? I am sure it will be awesome!!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I really love Head Rush and can't wait to see the cover! (and need I saw that I'm counting back to days 'til Dec 6? :-D)

Thanks for stopping by, was fun to see we share(d) the same fears and criticism when it came to novellas and short stories ;-)

Chris said...

Damn, and I thought Kickass Title had it in the bag... ;)

I love that it has the highest rating of all your books so far! That's so perfectly internety.

sara said...

I'm buying it whatever the title, but I voted for Head Rush :)

Can't wait for December!

Anna said...

A title. Yay! I can't wait to pre-order and read Head Rush. ;o)

Christine said...

Congrats on the title to book 3! I love it!