Thursday, February 2, 2012

Authors dish on characters!

I can't decide whether I'm more loving the "What makes a great character" post over at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks because I'm a writer, or because I'm a reader, but who cares!

Julie put out the question - what makes a great character? -  to a bunch of authors and got 25 responses.  She's running some today and some tomorrow.

There are a lot of my favorite writers on the post today - I'm so fangirlish about and honored to be included with them, and so enjoying reading their thoughts. I'm getting new insights into books I love, and also, new thoughts about my own work.

Can't wait to see who's there to tomorrow. *Crane sharpens note-taking pencil*

Image: A chromolithiographic picture by Count Franz Graf von Pocci from his book 'Viola Tricolor: In Picture and Rhyme', originally published in the United States in 1876 - the year of Pocci's death, from wikimedia

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