Monday, February 20, 2012

Devil's Luck: cover, blurb, + a rumination!!

Here's the thing: putting out my own novella all by myself has been a very intense journey! And continues to be.

I probably shouldn't admit this here, but I've actually worked harder on this story - and with far more concern for quality - than on any other piece I've written. I don't mean it took me longer to write than a novel, but I find myself taking this new degree of responsibility, as an artist, and as a publisher. Because, I'm running the show.

It's kind of dizzying, like I'm standing on something very tall and looking down, and a lot could go wrong, but it is also exhilarating.

And also, I am in love with this character and this book, and I just want it to be perfect. And, in addition to my critique partner, Joanna Chambers, valiantly and repeatedly working it over, as well as my husband and a pass through my local writing group, I have worked with two freelance editors - a copy editor and a line editor/proofreader - as well as a professional cover artist. (Anne Cain. Do you see what she has done? That cover is SO Simony!)

This week I shall teach myself to format it, and once I do that I will proof it yet again. (Because in this blog post, Courtney Milan says that's what she did, and if Courtney Milan did it, then I must do it because she is verra knowledgeable! *shakes fist*)

Actually, I love when other writers write about their self publishing endeavors, and so many others have given me advice and directed me to resources. I learn so much from other writers, and it makes me feel less alone in my high dizzying perch.

So, this week I plan to format and proof the book. Then, I shall send out my newsletter maybe Wednesday (did you know newsletter subscribers get to download Devil's Luck for free until around Feb 28th? That is the tentative public release date.) At that point I aim to have it up on sale at places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and so forth.

More info on the Devil's Luck  page of my site, and all the links will be there when it's up.

Devil's Luck....the blurb!

There’s a thin line between love and doom.

No wager is too outrageous for Simon Fitzgerald, the most reckless of the Disillusionists. His dark secrets drive him to take increasingly extreme risks, but he’s never lived so quite so dangerously as when he hooks up with Midcity’s most powerful prognosticator.

Fawna Brady is tormented by the destinies she sees for those around her. To Fawna, knowledge of the future is a cage she’d do anything to escape. She’s stunned to discover a taste of the freedom for which she yearns at the side of Simon, the one person in the world who despises everything she is, everything she stands for.

Simon’s defiant attitude toward destiny captivates Fawna, but will her love destroy him? And will Simon rush headlong into the delicious doom she offers?

Oh, I am so excited about this novella, and for people to read it!! And, happy Monday, friends!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh Carolyn! Congrats!! Looks and SOUNDS amazing! Looking forward to reading it. :) Thank you and best wishes!

I have to say I love Simon's tattoos!

Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks so much, Melissa!

Anna said...

Nice cover. He looks like Colin Farrel. RAWR! Anway, I'm looking forward to "Devil's Luck" and will anxiously await for a special newsletter on Wednesday. Woot!

Congrats on self-pubbing!

Eerie said...

Hot cover, I'm buying as soon as it is up on Amazon.

Sullivan McPig said...

Looking good! I'll be keeping an eye out for the Newsletter!

Nicola O. said...

Wow, that really is the Perfect Simon! And my new kindle arrives Wednesday so I'll be first in line!

Carolyn Crane said...

Anna: Ooh, I hadn't thought that Colin Farrel angle, but I rather like it.

Eerie: Thanks!! I'm excited.

Sully: coming...hopefully soon! Hope you like.

Nicola: congrats on your new kindle!

evening-green said...

The cover turned out pretty cool, I'm looking forward to the release!

Chris said...

You have most excellent taste in cover artists. :)

Twimom227 said...

OMG! I can't wait!! I just saw this over on KB's blog and rushed here to see more! Yea!

Jen said...

I saw this on Twitter and HAD to check it out! I can't wait to read and I love the cover!

Prangon: The Nerd In Heels said...

I am flailing all over the cover! That is seriously so Simony!
I could see something with Fawna at the end of Head Rush ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

Evening Green: Thanks! I just woke up this morning and had to look at it just to admire it.

Chris: Oh, i know Anne does a lot of covers for books you know well! She has such a range.

Twimom: Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait too!!

Jen, Thanks so much for coming by!

Prangon: Oh, I'm glad you said that. I was wondering if people noticed that between them. Thanks for stopping by! Flails always welcome! lol

Pamela {@SpazP} said...

I am catching up on my favorite blogs, and am finally getting to tell you YAY for this cover!!!!! AND YAY for the newsletter!!! I got mine with Devil's Luck in it and cannot WAIT to start it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terri said...

The cover is amazing and I can't wait to read more disillusionist stories. Yay!