Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fabulous winner news

Running a contest is fun, and it feels good to give away prizes. It sure made me feel better after a sad kitty day. And my winners chose really interesting books. Also, you'll want to watch their blogs for their pay it forward contests!

Vicki, who you can visit over at Writing with Vicki, chose prize #1. So in addition to Bettie Sharpe's Like a Thief in the Night, she decided to check out these books by new authors:

Vicki Pick #1:
Total Control
by Pamela Britton

Indi Wilcox has a bad track record with race-car drivers—and the skid marks on her heart to prove it. So when she's forced to team up with Todd Peters, NASCAR's number one bad boy, to grant the wish of a terminally ill child, she vows to keep things professional.

Todd isn't sure what he thinks about the new Miracles caseworker. Except that she's gorgeous—and steaming mad. Not that he blames her. He accidentally let down one of her kids. Determined to prove to Indi that he's not just another spoiled NASCAR star, Todd sets out to make things right. With every combustible moment they share, deeper feelings take over. Giving up total control might be the scariest—or the best—risk they ever take.

Vicki pick #2:
Danger Zone by Debra Webb

For team owner Buck Buchanan every day at the Huntsville track is a rush. The noise. The dirt. The roar. The furor. NASCAR's golden boy has only one regret: Jenna Williams. Not that he blames her for ditching him twelve years ago, but now she's back and has thrown a red flag.

Jenna is downright frantic, clutching a ransom note demanding a cool million in exchange for her daughter's safety. Their daughter's, actually. Yes, she knows how it looks asking Buck for help. But it's true. The child is theirs and Buck's the only one who can wrench her out of danger.Even if that means trading himself for a girl he's never known.

Her two other new author books are:

Rachael pick #1:
Black Magic Woman (Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigation) by Justin Gustainis
CHECK out the Jim Butcher blurb.

"Black Magic Woman is the best manuscript I've ever been asked to read. Keep an eye on Justin Gustainis. You'll be seeing more of him soon."
- Jim Butcher.

"Family vendettas abound in an intriguing tale that pits a descendant of Bram Stoker's Quincey Morris against two kinds of dark magic -- an inherited curse and Zulu fetish witchcraft. As much as I enjoy walking in a Wiccan wonderland, stories that explore other witchcraft traditions are a treat. This one's a real page-turner and a solid start to a new paranormal detective series."
- Elaine Cunningham

Rachael pick #2:
Greywalker by Kat Richardson

PI Harper Blaine sees a strange shift in clientele in Richardson's dizzy urban fantasy debut. After being dead for two minutes as a result of a clobbering by an angry perp, Harper discovers icky side effects complicate her Seattle life in unexpected ways—she sees ghosts and attracts otherworldly business as she pops in and out of a shadowy overlapping world. Harper seeks the assistance of Ben Danziger, self-proclaimed "ghost guy" and linguistics professor, and his wife, Mara, a witty Irish witch. They educate Harper on the Grey, "a place between our world and the next." Harper tries to maintain a normal life, dating a sexy antiques expert while battling wits with Seattle's vampire king, but being a Greywalker means she can only "pass for human."

And our Lisabea from Nose in a Book went with the Bettie Sharpe book and a craft! The book she wants her craft based on: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook. Not only will it be based on this book, it will physically contain elements of it. Perhaps I will put a photo up here when I actually make it.


lisabea said...

"Our Lisabea" reminds me of good ole Nanny Ogg..."Our David" and "Our Mike"...heh.

Really looking forward to my craft item. I'm going to place it reverently on my desk for inspiration.


Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, so you're assuming it will be the size of a paperweight rather than, say, the size of a buick?

**LB scratches head...come to think of it, what do I really know about this CJ and her crafts?**

Carolyn Jean said...

I'm just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Is it bigger than a breadbox...

lb....Im using my tx and cant sign in or use much punctuation. Very exciting!

Wendy said...

Contests are definitely fun. I've never run one but I might although I want it to be about something really cool.

Ooh, I can't wait to read the book Rachael chose - anything that Butcher likes is wroth reading. :)

Carolyn Jean said...

W: and I love the title Black Magic Woman. I can't believe nobody has used it yet!

Wendy said...

I know, right! the title definitely rocks.

writtenwyrdd said...

I wrote a review of Greywalker a while back. I liked it and the sequel.

Sarai said...

Black Magic Woman is on my must buy list. I can't wait to get my fingers on it.

Vicki said...

Thank you so much. I received my gift certificate yesterday.

I'll have my pay it forward up on my blog today or tomorrow (I have to away from the computer for quite a while today).

This is such a great idea!

RachaelfromNJ said...

Thank you so much again Carolyn. This was really cool of you to do such a fantastic contest. I wrote you an email but I havent heard back from you, so I wasnt sure if you got it or not. But I just wanted to make sure you got this. Thanks again.

I'll do a Pay It Forward on my blog as soon as I am less busy.