Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bird update + the other 4 semi-freaky Midnight Breed things I like

Well, I am still waiting for the birds to discover my bird feeder, however there have been some NEW DEVELOPMENTS out there.

As you know, I scattered seed on the flat rubberized roof area outside my window, and then a little higher, on the windowsill, before we went out of town. When we got back last night, I observed that the seed on the roof was eaten, but none had been eaten off the window ledge, which is halfway to the feeder.

THEN, last night while I was sitting at this very desk, I heard a little bird singing and I peeked over and saw it on the ledge next to the pile of seed! One little brave bird. (Who looks a lot like the picture.) I got the feeling by his singing that he was trying to alert the other birds, but I don’t think they came by. Then this morning, I saw at least one bird fly to the ledge and leave. Maybe that same brave bird. Whew! So much excitement!

A continued appreciation of semi-freaky aspects of Midnight Breed
Semi-freaky because now that I look at the list I made while reading, really, these next four aren’t that freaky. Oh well.

The men are always washing the women’s hair. Is there a scene like this in every Midnight Breed book? I’ve only read the first three, but it seems to be a recurring activity. I actually love these scenes. A lot of times it happens right after the woman has been through something awful, or the vampire warrior has been a jerk, and it’s always a totally satisfying TLC moment. I have never had my hair washed by a guy outside of a salon setting. I just asked my husband if he would ever wash my hair. Wash your hair? **long pause.** I guess.  If it was important to you.
The bloodlust problem.
This is actually not freaky at all either, but I love how it’s developed through the first three books. Again, it is creative worldbuilding that feels true because it echoes things in this world. And I think it is really well done. I love how Tegan and Lucan were/are always sort of on the edge of it.

The fact that vampires are descended from aliens. I have always really liked this as an explanation. It’s very creative worldbuilding, yet sort of believable. And this alien angle also gives more credence to the villain Marek’s whole program. I mean, who ever heard of aliens who are more powerful than humans and they come to earth and DON’T take the place over?

I’m sure Marek fumes every time he watches a space invasion movie. But then again, the First Gens had human mothers, so it also makes sense that they would have split sympathies.

The way the glyphs pulsate and change colors, like mood rings. I admire this innovation, and it’s always entertaining when the human woman are like, Oh, what unusual tattoos! A lot of the glyphs seem to reach to their necks—I’m trying to remember. I know Marek’s went to his arms. Anyway, it would be sort of hard having them advertising your moods your whole life, though I think it would be handy if you were the breedmate. You could never have those conversations like, What?!? I’m not mad. Or What?!? I don’t think that girl is hot. It’s nice because it also works into the alien thing in my mind; the gylphs are very alien-seeming.


Lone Chatelaine said...

I love my birdfeeder too. It's been there for several years, so they're used to it. I seem to remember it took a couple months, though. And then I live in rural country, so yep, lots of birds looking for food.

Mmmm...a male washing a female's hair...*happy sigh*...yeah, that's good stuff :)

Sarai said...

I do enjoy the world building with this series and love that she hasn't changed her mind half way through like oh some of them are from aliens but this new batch fell into a boiling pot of magma or something...
If you feed them they will come some just take their time and some are just snotty. That or they're scared of my cats?

Katie(babs) said...

Men washing a woman's hair is just as sexy as the woman helping the man shave.
I really do live shower and bath scenes between the couple that leads to better things ;)

Carolyn Jean said...

LC: I'm glad to hear that it took a while. I love birds.
S: I agree, the world building here holds and deepens.
KB: Well, I never helped a guy shave either! I don't even know if I've read about it. Possibly in LKH.

Tumperkin said...

I haven't got a clue about the rest of the stuff - having never read any of these - but the hair-washing thing also seems a bit infantilised to me (like the erotic-baby-women?)

Wendy said...

I think the glyphs are totally cool and coming from aliens theory as well!

And I want someone to wash MY hair, that's so relaxing.

Katie(babs) said...

And if someone wants to give me a massage after the bath and washing of hair, I don't mind.

Carolyn Jean said...

T, that is an interesting observation. And I fear I have ruined you for this series.

W: Yes. Aahh.

KB: what about one of LB's guys? You have been so kind to care for them.

Katie(babs) said...

And since LB is away.... I should really go care for them. Such hard and dirty work on my end.

sula said...

yay birds! if you build it...they will come. (eventually)

I liked the glyphs too. Oh look, I said something nice about the series! lol.

I remember trying to get my bf to wash my hair once while we were taking a shower. He looked at me like I was a little crazy but then gave it his best shot. He has no suds technique. pfft. Last time I ask HIM!