Friday, May 23, 2008

Hey, more contests!

In addition to my fabulous contest BELOW, check out Book Binge for a chance to win Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen. Go forth, enter, post about it yourself. And over at the lovely and talented Marta Acosta's Vampire Wire, you can win one of three copies of The Host. If you leave a haiku about it, that counts as TWO entries!


lisabea said...

Haiku. I've got a great haiku about NATE!!!


Carolyn Jean said...

Inquiring minds want you to post your Nate haiku.

lisabea said...

This is from a haiku contest at Shannon C's.

I have a secret
boyfriend who thinks I’m a dude
and i know it’s wrong.

I allow him to
expose his wet Prince Albert
and raise my night shirt.

So fucking hot he
tells me but when he looks
“No! Not the va-geen!”


Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, LB...I'm rendered speechless! Thanks for that moving Haiku.

lisabea said...

It rocks,no?

Carolyn Jean said...

It is only a little bit insane.

lisabea said...

Well the object was to write a haiku about a romantic hero. I believe it was supposed to be m/ do know how I take perverse pleasure in shocking and astounding folks. I couldn't help myself.

Heh. Heh.

Carolyn Jean said...

Actually, I kind of like it. It is very expressionistic and sort of wabi sabi.

lisabea said...

heh. wabi sabi.

Oh song that makes one crazy?


Wendy said...

Ohmigod, Lisa! LMAO!

lisabea said...

I sent that to J.L. Langley. She loved it, of course.