Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The men of Sookie Stackhouse: the case for Alcide Herveaux!

I read all the Sookie Stackhouse a.k.a. Southern Vampire Novels before I started this blog, so I don’t talk about them, but they hold a major place in my pantheon of fun and exciting books to read. And now the new one, From Dead to Worse, has come out! I’m not going to talk about that yet, except to say all the men of Sookie make a significant appearance: Alcide Herveaux, Tiger fella, Eric Northman and Vampire Bill Compton.

It is a little like Bachelorette in this way. I mean that as a compliment. Also, like Bachelorette, this series brings out the total girl in me. (While I don’t have time these days to watch Bachelorette, I’m glad to see that this time around it’s a woman choosing from men instead of one man choosing from a group of women. I always enjoy those so much better. In fact, I most enjoy the parts where it’s just the guys in the house, relating to each other. It’s sort of like an anthropological study.)

Anyway, I find myself fascinated by Sookie’s clothes, and her men. In fact, I angstfully yearn for her to be with one of them. Any one of them! I just have this drive to see Sookie paired up. Unlike other people, I would settle for Sookie to get back with Bill, and even Tiger guy. Of course, I would most prefer Eric for her. But I have been thinking lately about werewolf Alcide Herveaux, and wondering if he could be the one.

I have always really liked Alcide for Sookie; he makes a spectacular first appearance in Club Dead. Or actually, it’s not spectacular. It’s very toned down and gruff and direct, like Alcide. He’s a guy’s guy. He’s in surveying and construction. And she has a bit of a thing for him. In the first scene he’s in, he comes by because he’s being forced to chaperone her on this mission, and she makes him breakfast:

This was the way life was supposed to be, for normal people. It was morning, time to get up and work, time for a woman to cook breakfast for a a man, if he had to go out and earn. This big rough man was eating real food. He almost certainly had a pickup truck sitting out in front of my house.
Sookie is into that sort of thing. She even considers Calvin Norris at one point because he has a good job with benefits. I love that about Sookie. Back to Alcide.
Alcide Herveaux looked plenty tough. He was big as a boulder, with biceps that I could do pull-ups on. He would have to shave a second time if he planned on going out in the evening. He would fit right in on a construction site or a wharf.

He was a proper man.
Charlaine Harris has such incredible control over readers, and she describes guys in such a precise way that they can make short appearances, but they are set in stone in the readers’ minds, or at least my mind. Like, this:
He sat beside me and put his arm around me. He was so big and warm. He smelled like Tide detergent, and Irish Spring soap, and man.
I had a friend from India who was in an arranged marriage, and she really loved it. She was like, our socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds are perfectly suited, and we have grown to love each other. Oddly, my husband’s family lived an eerily parallel existence to ours in another state. My point here is that...hmmm, am I overanalyzing? My point anyway is that Alcide and Sookie actually, I think, are best suited for each other in that way.

Furthermore, when you inspect the books with the level attention that I do, I think there is evidence - scant, but it exists - that Alcide has a thing for Sookie. Will Charlaine Harris surprise us soon? I would be very happy to see this union.

Update: How could I have forgotten Sam?  Ames, thanks for  pointing this out. Sam is very much in the running! Opinions are divided on his desirability.


Katie(babs) said...

Oh gosh, CJ, you make me want to start reading Sookie. You are a wenchy pimp.

Tracy said...

Wow - you really know how to draw a person in. I've only read 1 short that Harris did. While good, it didn't tempt me to read more of her stuff. You're blog just did that for me. Ok - add another few to the pile!


ames said...

When Alcide was first introduced, I liked him too. I think he still has some use in this series, to keep us readers on our toes. Who is she gonna fall for?

And what about Sam? I like Sam too. :P

Carolyn Jean said...

KB & Tracy: It's so amazing to me when people haven't read Sookie! Oh, you don't know what you're missing.

Ames: Right, Sam! How could I forget Sam! Actually, Sam is very likely. I should make an addition to the post. Maybe I blocked him out. I am not as into Sam as you are.

Sarai said...

Dang it you mean she still hasn't settled down with one yet?
I agree though with the whole Alcide thing and I have only read up to Dead to the World. I really like him and wish they could hook up or at least attempt dating.
JUST PICK SOMEONE please *begs*
No on Sam Sarai doesn't like Sam. Although I would be happy if she would pick one of them.
I don't think Sam will be it simply b/c of the whole working thing and Sookie doesn't want to mess that up... Just my thoughts!

lisabea said...

So. NO.

See the problem with Alcide is that Debbie locked Sookie in that damn truck, and Alcide didn't believe her. No. Oh sure, abjure what EVER, but no.


Eric is the one.

ames said...

I prefer Eric overrall, but do have a soft spot for Sam. :P All those hugs and kisses, ya know? LOL

Sarai-She does kind of settle on someone, but this last book changes everything again.

lisabea said...

My God I am so opinionated. Heh.

Carolyn Jean said...

Ames: I think Sam is likely but, is this shallow of me? I don't like his "halo" of hair. It always made me imagine one of those elderly guys who is bald except for a, well, a halo of hair!

Sarai: right, she picks somebody, so you will be satisfied temporarily. She has a kind of serial monogamy pattern. I hope you are right about the work thing vis a vis Sam. (Sorry Ames)

LB: I have this horrible feeling you are right. Worse, oh, this is new book stuff, but when Bill says he would die for Sookie, Eric doesn't say the same. I felt that could be damning.

lisabea said...

I don't want a guy to DIE for me...I want a guy who will live for me and kill the bad guys. That bill is filled with melodrama...It's not romantic, it's maudlin.

Course I still haven't read the damn book.

OMG am I in a mood??? IDK!

Carolyn Jean said...

LB! You must read the book. But I know you have so much on your plate.

Yes, Bill is nothing if not maudlin. You don't want a guy to die for you, but would Sookie?

ames said...

I don't think that's shallow. Pair the "halo" with reddish hair and I don't really like the description of Sam. So I made Sam better looking in my head. LOL

Marg said...

I really liked Alcide when he first showed up. Now, it seems as though Sookie is irresistible to every non-human guy in town and I would just like her to be with someone. As to who that someone should be...I'm afraid that I am very fickle. I'd be happy if she ended up with any of them really, although in my heart of hearts I think it will Eric.

Sarai said...

I think Eric will scare the crap out of her (I know she already well SPOILER

Did the deed


but seriously that was when he was all sweet he's not anymore. IDK I don't want Eric and I don't want bill that leaves me a colly and Alcide. So going with Alcide. Unless another ones gets thrown in there...

Carolyn Jean said...

Marg: I do really really want it to be Eric, too. Given my druthers.

Sarai: Don't you think Eric has that goodness still buried in him? Have you read the new one? I feel this hopeful sense that Eric could evolve as a character.

little alys said...

CJ: I don't think you're over-analyzing. It's rather important that people are compatiable in some way. Anyhoo, you're making me very tempted over this series. Very tempted indeed. Any end in sight? I'm all of independent woman, but if the series a romance... any end in site?

Ana said...

what? Why did I read this post???? LOL. I am such a spoiler ho. I only read book one! I only know of Bill, Sam and Eric and out of the three I was drooling all over Sam.

Katie, do start with this series. The firt book is awesome. I got the second one on my TBR.

naida said...

I've had Harris on my TBR for a long time. I need to read her books.

Sarai said...

Okay so apparently Blogger ate my comment *Shakes fist at blogger* damn you...
I haven't read the new one but I think the goodness is there he just doesn't want to show it. Plus come on Sookie wants babies and well let's face it Eric can't give her that. Not to mention that Eric would have to invest in Sookie to watch her die. B/c we all know she ain't turning vampire on us...

Wendy said...

I love Sookie's books! I can't wait to read From Dead to Worse, I've heard it's very good.

Honestly, I haven't a clue who she should be with - I like them all! even Bill, which I admit I hated for a while there but it doesn't like like he's going anywhere so we'll see. :)