Wednesday, June 18, 2008

THREE cool things in blogland

Item #1: Loretta Chase Long Weekend

This is super exciting, and it starts Thursday, which is in just under two hours at The Book Smugglers.

THURSDAY - A review of Loretta Chase’s new book, Your Scandalous Ways. To wit:

James Cordier is all blue blood and entirely dangerous. He's a master of disguise, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover—all for King and Country—and, by gad, he's so weary of it.
Oh, dearest James, I highly doubt we will become weary of reading about you. Or of the Loretta Chase long weekend!

FRIDAY- collaborative post with mini-reviews from other reviewers and bloggers of their favorite Loretta Chase books. Yours truly appearing, assuming the thing I sent passes for a review.

SATURDAY - Interview with Loretta Chase herself, and Thea and Ana will have THREE copies of Your Scandalous Ways (blue blood and entirely dangerous. He's a master of disguise, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover. Hello.) to give away.

Item #2: More DIK madness.

How do I even explain DIK? (a.k.a. Desert Island Keepers.) It started with a handful of bloggers IM-ing about which books they'd bring to a desert island, and tussling about who would get to bring what, and then it expanded to others jumping ship and swimming ashore with their books.

It then devolved into the which-heroes-do-you-get-to-bring smackdown, a draft style insan-o-rama that went on for seven days and probably 2000 comments across numerous sites. And wow, thanks to the diligent and inspired work of Sarai and Tracy, it's a blog. Like our own island where 25 bloggers group host authors and entertain whoever wants to drop by. Whew! Things are happening at Desert Island Keepers.

Item #3: A major contest at Book Binge.

It's the Summer Fun contest at Book Binge! I love this contest. You can win one of a selection of cool bags, filled with books. There is a bag here for everybody, and it appears you can pick your books, too.

This a big prize. You have to follow a few rules, it's like a little scavenger hunt, but it appears to me that nobody has yet entered, so the odds are great, and you have until the 30th.

I'm so entering. Here is the bag I would fill with books. Okay, wait, I narrowed it down to 2.

One funny side note about this contest: Observe, when you go there, the mysterious 4-H clover logo they developed for the contest. The Book Binge girls, I believe, are from California, so perhaps they don't know 4-H. I, however, was in 4-H. I hung out in the farm area of the state fair. Cornfields bordered my school playground! A total wacky blast from the past to see that there.

But wait, hold on, OMG, now I can't even remember what the four H's stand for! Head, hands, heart...and health? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Late breaking note: When I woke up this morning I decided the last H could be for HEROES.


lisabea said...

As a former 4-H camp counselor...and never a 4 h-er, we had to say this EVERY evening at vespers...

I pledge my head to clearer thinking
My hands to greater service
my heart to larger loyalty
and my health to better living
for club my community my country and my
is that right? I almost remember!!!

Hey. G. was all about the 4 H!

and I'm lifting your Loretta Chase bit to post, if I may, please.

Carolyn Jean said...

Hey, lift away. I have to go over there and see the review!

Oh, LB, I am SO impressed with you. A counselor! Yes, I do believe you have that right! Is the last my God?

I just decided, though, that it's hands, heart, head and heroes, as the special slogan for the bag I hope to win.

lisabea said...

OMG it's like I self edited the religious content. OOOPS yes.But heroes works, too.

Carolyn Jean said...

Hey, are you entering that BB contest too, now? It would appear you are. I am going to win it, though. What number did you pick?

lisabea said...

Is it appropriate for me to enter if I'm one of the steps in the wassit?

Carolyn Jean said...

No, you have to withdraw. I am the only one who gets to enter. Won't you tell me what number you picked? I think you should pick 1.

lisabea said...

Have they added a ManLove Murse? No?

I really want one.

Tracy said...

Great post. Thanks for reminding me about the Book Smugglers long weekend - I'd forgotten.

DIK - wonderful! :)

BB contest - oh to find the time!!!

Holly said...

I think Rowena chose the pic, CJ, but *I* grew up in the midwest, and I was all about 4-H. I went to 4H camp, and showed 4H pigs and even trained 4H dogs. I was the 4H queen! Don't be jealous now...

I can't wait for the Smugglers weekend! I finished Your Scandalous Ways last was super good. :P

Carolyn Jean said...

LB: they don't have one of those, NO!

Tracy: Such an active weekend, huh? And a birthday now.

Holly: I think you may beat me, and LB, in 4-H-ness. I never showed pigs!

Sarai said...

WOW we have 4 H'ers here all the time *g* in Kansas of course!
Of course the lazy bone kicked in with the contest but now that I am getting internet at home I might seriously consider participating...
Speaking of Loretta CHase I finished my 2nd book by her The Last Hellion it was good took Vere from LoS and gave him his own book *g*

Carolyn Jean said...

I saw that you posted about the last hellion. It is so going on my list!

naida said...

wow, lots of cool stuff happening.

I havent read Loretta chase yet...shame on me!
enjoy your weekend :)

Katie(babs) said...

So many contest and fun! I can hardly contain myself.

Wendy said...

Hey CJ! you need to email me your addy 'cause you're the new winner of my contest, mmokay? Congrats! :)

ciara said...

I LURVE Loretta Chase!

I'd totally enter the contest for a bag of books....but it looks like too much work. Lazy much? guilty as charged.