Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where are those Sookie posts?

Where is my continuing series on secrets of the Sookie covers? What are my comments about her outfits going to be?  

Sigh. Those posts are coming! But I have gotten way too busy with day job and novel to perform the scholarly analysis these discussions require. 

Anyway, in preparation for my mom and my sisters' birthdays this weekend, I splurged on some very fabulous gifts for them. Then, walking home I passed a yard sale and got a little something for myself - this fabulous purse! For ONE dollar. Isn't it cute? 

Maybe it is totally out of fashion, and that's why the girl there was selling it at her yard sale, but I love it. It's actually more petite than it looks in the photo.

And look at the little buckles. I like things that are brown, and that are hooked and buckled. This is a very Carolyn item. I would've liked this purse even when I was 9. 


Sarai said...

Hey that is a cute purse! And what makes it cuter is the price! Yeah life has really picked up around down here as well. Good luck with the novel and work.

RachaelfromNJ said...

Very cute purse! Mine is brown too. Brown, leather with little snappy pockets in the front. $7 from Target's discount section, originally $30!

I dont think that's out of fashion at all. It's really nice. And $1? That's an awesome deal!!

lisabea said...

Ok that's cute, cj. But too small for Lisabea. My last purse, while not Kate Spade or whatever her name is, was FAR more expensive than a dollar..and I bought it to hold: cell phone, palm pilot, e book reader, ipod and a box of tampons. Oh and my wallet...and a bottle of advil cuz now I have a back ache just thinking about how heavy it is.

It's black and has a big belt..with a buckle!

Tracy said...

I love buckles on my purses so I'm finding your sweet deal very appealing! Very cute - and you can't beat the price!

Have fun this weekend!

naida said...

I like the purse! great deal.

Wendy said...

That's a very cute purse, CJ! I like the color brown. :)