Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dark night in Milton

Great moments from tonight's viewing of North and South
Spoilers ahoy!

Dear readers, you find me very worried about our Milton friends tonight. I am maybe halfway through episode #3.

Worry #1: Poor John Thornton's heart. So I saw the proposal - oh, how crushing.  I actually watched the scene several times.  Please, do not continue in that way!  

I was surprised, in a way, that he even proposed, given that they were arguing, and it seemed a bitter exchange, and then he was like, actually I came to ask you to marry me (not in those words).  What's interesting and what I sort of love about him is that he's a man who'll do what he does in spite of potential rejection and that's why he went ahead and asked after that exchange. He told his mother he had to ask, even though he knew she'd turn him down, and he went and did it.  And Margaret tells him she doesn't even like him!  

Heroes get put through a lot. I felt confident in his resilience until he came to their door later to visit father and Margaret wouldn't let him in...and he saw Frederick's things and he felt so hurt! 

Worry #2: I am still really worried about that doctor who she spurned in the first episode.  He seems mean! And I feel like they wouldn't keep showing his angry face if he wasn't going to do something terrible.  

Worry #3: Frederick, of course. Hurry back to Spain, Frederick!  It seems naive on the part of the family that they might imagine he could wiggle out of a mutiny charge. 

Really, this entire family is sort of interesting in that way.  Are they a bit naive? Do they not see things, or choose to take things at face value?  Do they expect the best of people, and are they right to?  And they have their prejudices and blind spots.  It's funny how they don't know what's going on with their own daughter, for example. 

And the mother asks Mrs. Thornton to care for Margaret, not reading the signs of her
 reluctance--or does she choose to deal only with Mrs. Thornton's higher nature? I continue to absolutely love Mrs. Thornton. She is totally my favorite character here. She is full of self knowledge and honesty.

And in a way, Margaret seems to be sort of changing away from that in a positive way. In that scene, for example, where  Frederick speaks poorly of all tradesmen, including Thornton, Margaret defends him, not just because, well you know, but because she is seeing people and the world in a more complex way.  Maybe that is her journey.  At least it struck me that way in this episode.  We will see. 

Worry #4: Will Margaret misguidedly fall for Higgins?  NOOOOOOO!  


Marg said...

Never in a million years did I think that Margaret might fall for Higgins. John is far enough out of her class of society let alone Higgins.

sula said...

oh I am so loving your commentary, CJ. But I cannot contemplate how you can stand to watch this so slowly. The agony!

Btw, you should check your DVD for extras. There is an extended proposal scene that gives just a little more to Margaret's response (she's still mean and cruel but you can kind of see a little more of why).

The look on John's face when he sees another man's coat in the doorway. *sob* Oh it is going to get worse for him before it gets gloriously, blessedly better.

i so cannot wait for your reaction to episode 4. Really.

lisabea said...

I will write slash fiction about this...Yes. You will all disown me but suddenly I sense a real desire for slash.

Hey CJ...every time I read one of your posts I think: Gosh I love her.

Kristie (J) said...

What Sula said!! Things get much worse for poor, poor John. Yet despite that, he handles things with a dignity and class that are unimaginable. And like Sula I'm wondering how on earth you manage to not watch everything at once!! What will power you have.
And the proposal scene - such PASSION from John!! "I don't wish to marry you to posses you. I want to marry you because I love you!!!!"
And then when he's talking to his mother after. It was soooo sad when he said nobody loved him.
It wasn't until I'd seen it a few time that I realized he TRULY believed he wasn't good enough for her.
And again what Sula said - watch the extended proposal scene. Margaret thought he was only proposing to stop gossip. I think by the time she realized how much he really did care, she had second thoughts but she'd already stuck her foot in it too deep.
And one clarification - cause it helps later - Henry Lennox wasn't a doctor - he is a lawyer.
And you will see that it is a journey for Margaret. I won't say too much - but she continues to defend John. And when he does what he does - well I can hardly wait to hear your thoughts on that. (being very mysterious here)

lisabea said...

Twirling by cuz I forgot to check the wee box.

Ana said...

"I don't wish to marry you to posses you. I want to marry you because I love you!!!!"


I love to read your reactions , they are amazing to follow. But I would never think Margaret would fall for Higgins!

Oh, you have so many good things ahead if you still, hurry up! LOL

Carolyn Jean said...

Marg: That is a really good point! I think my scanty reading of historicals is showing.

Sula: DAMN! I sent it off! I had no idea there were good extras! I am MORTIFIED!

LB: Oh, so sweet, I love you too! But I am going to have to do what it takes to stop you from that slash.

KJ: Oh, totally, I meant to write about that scene with the mother where he tells her he was right that she won't have him. I love what you say, though I didn't get it so clearly, but yes, he truly believes he isn't good enough for her. This richens the drama for me!

Oh, I know I'm watching it slowly. I'm a savorer. As a kid I could always keep a candy bar going for a day or two when others had gobbled theirs.

Ana: that line is SO wonderful!

Dev said...

Holy Hannah ~ How are you splitting it up like this? Once I started, I couldn't stop until I'd watched it at least 3 times over the weekend. Of course, I'd gotten it from the library so I had to immediately rush to and buy my own so I could watch it whenever I wanted to. And I've watched it a lot. Of course, not as much as Kristie. But then again, I don't think anybody could watch it as much as Kristie :-)

Carolyn Jean said...

I know, Dev - I'm going to buy this for sure! I don't know how I'm splitting it up. I might watch the rest in a go. As you see, I am very anxious for these characters!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn Jean,

I see you started to watch it. :)

I like how you parcel out your comments. There is so much to talk about, I found it difficult to decide what to include when doing it in one post. I'm with Sula and Kristie (J), the extended proposal scene works better.

One question: how can you stand to watch it the way you do? I couldn't, I really couldn't. :)

I look forward to your next comments.

Tumperkin said...

I watched episode 1... then ... a few nights later ... episode 2. Then I watched episodes 3 and 4 all in one big gulp and ended up sobbing "Kristie was right!" on the sofa.

Carolyn Jean said...

Taja: Thanks! And yes, I know it's weird. I try to make things last longer when I really really like them. I do it with books and candy, too. So I can kind of camp out with them. I know I could just watch it over.

But I'll never have a first time again!!!

T: Okay, you paced your watching out, too! Oh, I so don't want to cry. Maybe I'll watch the rest tonight.

Katie(babs) said...

Margaret falls for Higgins? UM NO!!
OMG you have to continue to watch because you are getting to the good parts! Richard is so broody and heartbroken because Margaret rejected him. That stupid wench.

Carolyn Jean said...

Can I take that back on Higgins? I think I'll watch the whole thing. Oh, but if I do, I have nothing to watch on Monday. Must think....

Kristie (J) said...

Well - you could always rewatch the best part of North and South again - which would be episode 4. 'Cause trust us - watching it once won't be nearly enough *g*.

Carolyn Jean said...

KJ: that is a good idea! Just rewatch. You are so funny. But I find this series really bears up on rewatching!! Because I'll rewatch scenes I like.

Sarai said...

I'm impressed at your will power. I pushed through the whole 4 hours at the sametime b/c I couldn't stand not knowing.

Love the thoughts on it though helps trigger those OMG moments

Carolyn Jean said...

Well, it's part willpower and part work deadlines.