Wednesday, July 9, 2008

North & South & Kitties!

North & South update: I haven't had time to watch it!  Not that I don't deeply desire to, I've just been horribly busy. I have been eating standing up! I know I'll watch it tonight, though.

Okay, I can't even imagine how mind-numbingly boring this blog must be this week to those who have not seen North and South, or don't want to see it.   Almost as bad, I'm sure, as blogs about people's pets. 

So I promise to do this only once.

But look at the new addition to our family!  This is Otis, who is now the new BFF to our other new kitty, who we are calling Kyrie, short for Valkyrie. Sometimes Kyria. 

Favorite past time
As you see, they share a passion for the bird feeder.  They get particularly excited by pigeons. 

Hopefully my landlord won't see this.  My landlord would be nowhere near as excited as these two kitties to see that my birdfeeder is bringing pigeons.  

They also discovered a way to get under the cupboard system and under the dishwasher. When I deduced they were under there, and noted that they were silent and not responding to my calls, I actually began to cry. I was a bit overtired, frankly. Then the kitties came out!

Night of passion
The day before they were scheduled to get spayed and neutered, Kyrie went into heat and the kitties started trying to have sex! At first I was like, No! I think of you as cuddly little muppet brother and sister!  But of course, that's stupid. 
They're just a step away from wild animals. They are beasts, really, with sex and food uppermost on their minds, and if I was magically reduced to the size of a Barbie doll, I'm sure they'd gladly tear me limb from limb and devour me in their bloody jaws, even if they knew it was me. 

The sex didn't seem to work out that well, because Otis' little kitty body is too short. Kyrie was VERY frustrated, as I would be. That is one romantic conflict in a novel I have yet to read about.

Anyway, yesterday they were spayed and neutered respectively. Kitties are doing well. 


lisabea said...

This photo is so much better than all the other LOL porn out there. Phew.

Carolyn Jean said...

Hey LB! Thanks, and yes, it seems I have surpassed you in x-rated images.

lisabea said...

Have you noticed I removed my rating? That c**ks socks thing tossed me into a new level.

You are surely an x now, lady. AND I believe Leviticus has something to say about animal pron....oh wait. Maybe that's just shifter sex.

Christine said...

Otis and Kyrie are super adorable. Even their LOL porn is kinda cute. If I forget that they're siblings, anyway.

My cats get super excited about pigeons, too. I think its because pigeons have more meat. They're like the wildebeast of the domestic cat! LOL

Carolyn Jean said...

LB: I don't know what Leviticus says. Excerpt!

C: Well they're not really brother and sister. I just think of them that way.

lisabea said...

Can you imagine if a wild turkey strolled by? They'd morph into saber toothed tigers.

LMAO Excerpt of Leviticus...I think LOLCAT bible translator may have one!

Carolyn Jean said...

Christine: Also, LOL on the wildebeast! That would be quite a meal!

LB: We have geese around here, and I think they'd scare the cats.

Lone Chatelaine said...

I like pet posts :)

But cats being sexy freaks me out. I'm always worried that someone's getting hurt :-(

Shannon said...

bwah haha! It seems as though, without fail, as soon as you schedule the spaying the darn cat goes into heat. I had to suffer through THREE DAYS of yowling. Talk about not getting any sleep.

Your kitties are super cute. It makes me want another one!

Katie(babs) said...

You posted a picture of your cats humping each other?!?!??!! LMFAO!!!
Richard is calling you... watch me in my sexy cravat as I brood. :D

Christine said...

Not *real* brother and sister? Awww. Then maybe you've got some were cat soul mates! And now you've removed (cut off?) their sex drive! Oh well. Now they'll just have to be friends. Or siblings.

MaryKate said...

OMG! CJ, you have kitty incest going on at your house! Dirty, dirty kitties! And you have actual photos. There's probably some sort of fetish market for that. I'm kinda shocked you didn't post video with some "bow-chicka-bow-wow" music over it.

I love the name Kyrie and Otis! Otis or Gus were the two names I'd picked out, had Stella been a boy cat.

Ciara said...


Tracy said...

Oh your kitties are so cute! Of course I think it's hilarious that they tried to have sex and couldn't...poor things were so frustrated! Guess you took care of them! :)

little alys said...

Kitty pOrn? Goodness CJ! Put warnings!!! LOL. Please do update us on your two bundles of joy. :D It's adorable and hilarious at the same time!

Carolyn Jean said...

LC: I was totally worried overnight about it. But no loud yowling. Animal rarely looks fun, huh?

Shannon: Harsh!

KB: I will soon answer the call of the cravat!

Christine: LOL: Sort of sad, huh, but at least they got some experience.

MJ: I totally should have put music to it! Catsploitation.

Ciara: Thanks!

Tracy: Super frustrated!

LA: I am now officially x-rated.

Sarai said...

poor kitties just wanted some action. And why is the female always the one frustrated with the younger menz?

Kristie (J) said...

I looked at picture 1 and though 'oh how adorable'! Then I saw picture 2 and went 'ahhhh'. Then I saw picture 3 and did a 'double ahhhhh'
And. Then. I saw picture 4 and laughed and laughed and laughed!!

Brie said...

Oh no's! I was happily reading about the cute little kitties when bam, suddenly they were trying to get it on. That is hilarious, CJ. Seriously.

sula said...

omg, kitty pron! that made me laugh. s'rsly.

Because I'm just that way, I went out and found the passage in Leviticus that deals with sexual relations. And then found the corresponding LOLcat bible translation.

A little snippet:

And ceiling cat sed, "Oh hai Mozus,"2 U sez unto teh kittehz uv Izreeul, u sez: "I, CEILING CAT, are teh CEILING CAT of dem!3 Dose guyz in teh eejipt, whar u wuz at, DO NOT WANT u for do dat. In teh Canaan, whar u be go to, DO NOT WANT u for do dat too. Kthxbai.4 Do whut I sez, cuz I am teh CEILING CAT, teh moar CEILING CAT.5 But u must do whut i sez cuz den u findz cheezburgers. I be teh CEILING CAT!

6 No can has teh secks wif teh fambily. I are teh CEILING CAT.

7 No can has teh surprise buttsecks wif ur daddy. No can has teh surprise buttsecks wif ur mommy, or dey wil b teh ghey.

8 No can has teh secks wif ur daddy's hoez, dats like teh buttsecks wif ur daddy.

9 No can has teh secks wif ur sister. No iz okai for teh beej. Srry.

10 No can has teh secks wif da kitteh uf ur kitteh.

11 No can has teh heej from teh cuzins. Srry.

12 No can has teh secks wif teh auntie.

13 No cans get teh beej wif auntie too. Srry.

Full passage here for your reading pleasure

Carolyn Jean said...

Sarai: I know. WHY?

KJ and Brie: surprise!!

Sula! I had no idea LOLcats did this. This is hilarious.
"10 No can has teh secks wif da kitteh uf ur kitteh."

Christine said...

ROFLOL Sula!!!! You rock the LOL Cats, girl!

lisabea said...

She is all that is LOL cats.

And, Sula, I'm delighted that you and I are up on our Leviticus. My goodness we are such good girls!!

or dey will b teh gahy!!!

Sarah said...

Sex on teh blog!!! Oh noes!

surprise buttseck - sula, you crack me up.