Friday, August 8, 2008

Nancy Drew week details

Nancy Drew Week starts Aug 18th!

Stop by and help revisit and celebrate our old friend Nancy, and have fun looking back at the books. 

There will also be prize drawings, and maybe some interviews.

And if  you want to contribute you're invited! Write up whatever you please, any size.

Deadline:  Email them to me Sunday, Aug 17th. (Or soon after. I'll take stuff as late as Tuesday. I'm easy!) Email:  carolyn7000 (at) (note lowercase c) I’ll post what contributors send me with links to blogs, if you have one.  Send me text, or if you have an image, I’ll run that, too, or add one myself.
Ideas, if you want to participate:

Book reviews
Re-read all or part of an old Nancy and tell us about the experience, the plot, your thoughts, your memories. Excerpts welcome! I’m traveling to my folks’ place where my Nancy books are, and I may actually reread one or two. I’m thinking anything between 150-700 words per book. They don’t have to be formal reviews, of course.

Do you remember having a favorite, but can’t/don’t feel like actually rereading it? No problem! But it might be fun if you go to Amazon or somewhere and refresh your memory as to what the plot was if you don’t recall it, and give us a little recap, and maybe say why it was your favorite, or let us know about any scenes or things that stuck in your head from it. Length: 150-500 wds per recap

Nancy moments & memories
Is there a scary scene in a book that you have never forgotten, or a 
favorite Nancy and Bess moment. Which set did you have? Did you sneak a flashlight under the covers to finish them? Did you know her only through the TV series? Did you ever try to be like Nancy? George? Length: open. Feel free to discuss one moment or more.

I’d love for anybody to discuss a favorite character, even if it’s just 100 words about how exciting it was when Ned Nickerson appeared or the way George influenced your fashion decisions. Feel free to do a full profile, too. Any length.

Favorite cover, art
Email me a jpg of your favorite cover, with or without commentary. Though any cover discussions of any kind are welcome.

And anything else
I’m open to any other ideas. If you want to make a little quiz, or a list of your top favorite books or ?? (nothing x-rated, though!)


lisabea said...

Why do I think that x rated comment was directed at me???

Hey. Welcome back. I'm reading a FASCINATING book right. This. Second.


Carolyn Jean said...

LB, I know you are dying to contribute photos of Ned all grown up. And the Hardy Boys in action.

Sarai said...

Oh OH I am going ot mom's this Saturday must pick up books!!!!

So much fun!

Tumperkin said...

great idea - but I can't contribute. I never read any! I suppose during the classic 'nancy drew' phase, I would have been reading hundreds of Enid Blytons.

Marg said...

I am in the same boat as Tumperkin. I would have been reading Enid Blyton or Trixie Belden books!

naida said...

I'll be reading 'The Ghost of Blackwood Hall'

Carolyn Jean said...

Sara: Good luck! My Nancies weren't at my Mom's place.

T & Marg: Enid Blyton? I have never heard of her. Though I have heard of Trixie Belden.

Naida: Oooh: the Ghost ones were always quite exciting.

Thea said...

Yay Nancy Drew Week!!! Awesome! Oh I have my favorite already, Nancy Drew and the Whispering Statue :)

And I heart George! Bess used to annoy me, but I always loved tomboyish George.

Thea said...

Crap, or there's Nancy Drew and the Clue of the Velvet Mask...can I change my mind? LOL I'm fickle!

How exciting, I can't wait to read what everyone puts up :)

Carolyn Jean said...

Hey Thea, It's not too late at all. Do whichever you please. Do both if you want. I still haven't picked which I'll talk about. I might discuss some overall things.

Ellen said...

Seeing all those familiar cover illustrations makes me glad that my Nancys (Nancies?) are safely stashed in a box in our downstairs storeroom, in strict violation of the "If you haven't used it in two years, throw it out" rule that organizers and declutterers swear by. I haven't touched any of those books since I packed them to move into my first post-college apartment but giving them away would be like sacrificing an organ.

Tumperkin said...

Are you KIDDING?!!! You've never heard of Enid Blyton? The most famous children's author OF ALL TIME?

The Mallory Towers series?
The St Clare's series?
The Naughtiest Girl Series?
Mr Galliano's Circus?
The Magic Faraway Tree?
The Wishing Tree?
The Secret Seven?
The Famous Five?
The Mystery of... Series?
The Secret Island series?


Please tell me you jest.

RfP said...

I read both Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene/Nancy Drew. I remember Nancy Drew as being for slighter older children. Nancy was 16 to 18 and had graduated from high school--more the age of the Hardy Boys.

RfP said...

... er, not "slighter older". Larger older children are also welcome to read :)

Anyway, Nancy is more YA than children's.

Carolyn Jean said...

Ellen: You are so smart. I have these awful visions of mine being colored in by not-yet-ready-for-Nancy nieces.

T: Noddy! I am not jesting! Oh no, another giant hole in my literary pedigree! Is Enid more a UK/AU thing? Though apparently RFP is familiar with Enid.

RFP: Okay, thanks for clearing that up -on behalf of the slighter and larger set.

Tracy said...

I'm on it CJ! I just have to read the book now! lol I'll read my 1 book this week and email you! :)

Katie Reus said...

Aww, those covers brought back so many memories :) I've got to get to my mom's and hope she knows where my old stash is!!

Sarai said...

So I have some random thoughts on Nancy Drew that I'm thinking of sending to you. B/c my mind is so scattered. Do you think that would work?

The Blackberry Patch said...

It's been forever since I've thought about Nancy Drew. Remember Trixie Belden and Honey Wheeler as well?

Carolyn Jean said...

Katie - I hope she can find it!!

Sarai: Random thoughts would be great. Heck, you could even title it random thoughts about Nancy. Or whatever. I have gotten a couple really fun things that aren't even in any of my categories. People are really doing their own thing. Also, bite-sized items are fun for people to read.

TBP: Hi! Trixie Belden - that's a name from my hazy past, but I never heard of Honey Wheeler.