Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Widgets + Q & A + veiled threats

What is with the new widgets in my sidebar?

Q. Has crazy little CJ, whose eyes like to follow anything that moves, taken over the blog and gone widget crazy?
A. No.

Q. Does big CJ want to win prizes? Is that the reason the widgets are there?
A. Partly, but I'm also excited for both books. And hey, if you visit Meljean's site, please vote for the ereader. Go check it out - she is also giving away lots of cool daily prizes!

Q. Will crazy little CJ come during the night and chop me up with her wee little arms if I don't vote for the ereader?
A. Nobody is specifically saying that.

Q. Is this a cheap fast post because big CJ is too busy to do a real one?
A. Maybe.

Q. Where in the heck is that Windflower post?
A. In fragments in a file somewhere.

Q. Is crazy little CJ angry at all the people who called her creepy?
A. Possibly.

Okay, seriously, these widgets are for two books I am totally excited to devour. You can read my past fawning over Meljean Brook's work here. Erin McCarthy is a sort of new-to-me-author who I am officially getting into; I loved Fallen (discussed by me here) and this new book sounds just excellent.


meljean brook said...

I'm kind of surprised by the non-votes for the eReader so far O_o I mean, someone could re-sell it on eBay for more than the GC :-D

Carolyn Jean said...

Right, so true! I guess this adds excitement to the voting. And an element of intrigue.

Wendy said...

I'm off to voting!

We meant creepy in the most lovable way! lol.

Tumperkin said...

I unreservedly withdraw my comments about the creepiness of Li'l CJ.

Please don't set her on me!

Carolyn Jean said...

Wendy: Okay, Little CJ will accept lovable.

T: An unreserved withdrawal! Little CJ is pleased.

Tracy said...

I'm off to vote! :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom anyone saying any such things about my own Carolyn Jean. Blast them!Or, quite possibly, ax them! My flower, my little orange blossom....

Carolyn Jean said...

Tracy: Yay! Go ereader.

Anon: Muffin? Is that you?

MK/Kati said...

I don't recall saying specifically that it was creepy...just that your husband might have a point.

Holly said...

I absolutely ADORE that you've embraced your Lil CJ and are now making like Chuckie. I think I'm seeing you in a new light and I love it.

If you continue in this vein I may have to take you under my wing for some Evil Master Training (you can ask Ames about the program - I'm very pleased with her progress up to this point). Does me right proud to see another fall into the dark side. *sniffle*

Holly said...

Er..is it Chucky or Chuckie? I can't remember..you know what I mean. Evil doll comes to life and stabs people.....

Carolyn Jean said...

MK: Well, I will take your pleas into consideration, paltry as they are.

Holly: Oh, thanks! I feel a little guilty about it, frankly, but also, well, I would hope my artistic aunt would get a kick out of it.

I should learn more about this EVIL training!!!

little alys said...

I iz not guu wit online voting. Am very excited about both books although I really need to read the previous one for MB.

Hey, I never said creepy. I just said angle may be off to create odd feelings for peeps. I think it's cute and very sweet of the auntie. :D

I am still waiting for the Windflower post, yo. ;)

Jace said...

I HAD to come and check out the widgets. Alas, they're still loading at this point and I can't see them yet. :-( Will try again later.

Had to LOL at Chuckie-CJ. Separated by thousands of miles, oceans and many time zones, I feel safe enough to LOL. *snickers*

RfP said...

Fwhat is this eReader you speak of?

... many pages later... Aha. Now fwhere is the voting?

... many scrolls later... Aha.

I'd love a $100 gift card that I could use toward a Sony Reader. But a $139 gizmo to sell on eBay? Way too much hassle.

Carolyn Jean said...

LA: okay, blame it on the angle!

Jace: Oh, you think little CJ can't teleport?

RFP: Did you not vote for ereader then? **Slowly, and with trembling hands, little CJ lifts her discus of death**

RfP said...

i... i... i will do little CJ's bidding.

Carolyn Jean said...

Okay, crazy CJ is throwing flowers to you!!! Yay RFP.

naida said...

hi little cj! off to go vote :)

Sarai said...

Will Sarai steal this idea for a post later on?
Yes, yes she will.

Ereader what's that all about?

Carolyn Jean said...

Naida: You are on little CJ's good side! Hopefully that is better than her bad side, but you never know.

Sarai: Ooooo! Watch out! Little CJ will be watching your blog. But actually she is flattered.

naida said...

oh good, cj...cause she kind of scares me a little and I wouldnt want to be on her bad side...lol!

Christine said...

I didn't call you creepy! ... just the painting. ;p

You know we loves you!

p.s. I totally voted for the ereader! Duuh!