Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ohde on a certain vampire brotherhood

Every once in a while somebody lands here off a weird search term. My top term is still sex with wolf (more on that here) but today somebody came off the search term Black Dagger Brotherhood poems.

I couldn't resist following the trail of crumbs, and I landed on a site called Pussdragon's Poems and Pictures. Her real name is Ilona Fenton, and indeed she does have a BDB poem! She says please don't use without acknowledgement, so I'm acknowledging the heck out of her. Hopefully this is sufficient - I don't want to be a rip off. Anyway, the following poems were inspired by dark alpha males, and there are more of them on this page of her site. Maybe she has written one of your favorite book.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Tohrment, Vishous, Rhage
Zsadist, Phury and Wrath
Together we stand tall
Keeping to the path

For we are the brotherhood
The warriors of our nation
We fight the evil Lessers
For our peoples salvation
ilona fenton
based on J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood

Even though I haven't read Dark Hunters, my fave of the bunch is this--I think it's totally humorous:
Can I eat him Akri?
I've got my barbeque sauce!
He'll taste all hot and crunchy -
No? Then can I eat his horse?

Where's my plastic Akri?
There's pretties on QVC!
Can I buy them Akri?
And eat them for my tea?

Why go to Artemis Akri?
When I am by your side?
I really hate her Akri,
I really loathe that bitch's hide!

Am I still your favourite Akri?
Though what I did was bad?
Nick was good to me Akri -
We didn't mean to make you sad!

I really love you akri
More than all the rest
I really love you Akri
You're absolutely the best!

ilona fenton
13/05 /2006
Based on Sherrilyn Kenyon's
Dark Hunters

Thanks, Ilona!


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

You find the most interesting things!

Mandi said...

She captures Simi quite well.

What happened to Butch? :)

Blodeuedd said...

Yes a perfect Simi :)

writtenwyrdd said...

I've read both series and liked them--for the first five or six of them. After that...meh.

The second poem cracked me up.

Lea said...

Me loves Simi.....



Aymless said...

Simi! One of my favorite demons! Loved it.

Yes, where is Butch!"

whateverfor said...

Aw, a Simi poem! That was pretty spot on too. You should try the Dark Hunters out, it's a pretty good series though the buildup takes a while.

orannia said...

Someone found your blog while searching for BDB poems? The mind boggles!

I don't know who the characters are in the second poem *ducks behind the couch* but I liked the poem :)

Katie Reus said...

Haaa! Love the poem about Simi :)

Kate Diamond said...

Yeah! Love the Simi poem.

Ladytink_534 said...

Love the Brotherhood!