Thursday, May 28, 2009

A shameless hussy, a freak & ominous acts of crafting

Nicola: Shameless! 
Our Miss Nicola over at Alpha Heroes has five copies of Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey to give away, plus a review!  I can't wait for this book. Anyway, head over for a variety of ways to win it--leaving comments, links, etc. Today, you must peruse her archives, find a post you like, and gush to her about how very BRILLIANT she is and why!!  Oh, Nicola, Nicola!! 

**Little CJ scribbles down the idea in case she ever has books to give away.**

UPDATE! Another chance to win!!!!: You can read another review and get another chance to WIN a copy of this fabulous sounding book over at Book Smugglers! 

Me: A Freak!
Okay, so I went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned, which I am the world's biggest baby about, due to an evil childhood dentist. 

Anyway, I always freak out during the part when they scrape my teeth (don't even ask about what happens when I get drilled), but today I had this technique where I thought about this one scene in A Hint of Wicked, which I'd been reading in the waiting room. Actually, this one kiss--a reassuring kiss, where the character Sophie is kind of lending strength to another with the power of her love, and I sort of ran that scene like a movie. 

I almost didn't even write this in this post because, is that not SO pathetic? But it was such a nice emblematic, turning point sort of scene, a kind of all-will-soon-be-right-with- the-world scene, I just found it hugely comforting to think about. (pp. 267-268) And I had no cavities! Whew. Thanks, Jennifer Haymore.  Your Sophie gave me such strength during my ordeal!

PS: You can win a copy of Hint of Wicked over at Stacy's place!!

Little CJ: Busy crafting!
Oddly, little CJ really has been making lots of crafts these days, muttering about sidebars and people ignoring her award. She tells me that she is making dolls for the poor, but I have a bad feeling about what exactly she means by the poor. . .the poor who?


orannia said...

Thank you for the heads up CJ! I've (no throwing things) never tried Jacqueline Carey, and Santa Olivia seems like a good place to start :)

And I like the visualization technique!

And....umm...good luck Little CJ with

Nicola O. said...

I didn't say you had to call me BRILLIANT. Although I might add it to the requirements next time.

Leslie said...

Little CJ scares me.
*just saying*

Carolyn Crane (aka Carolyn Jean) said...

Orannia: I understand from Nicola's review that it is quite unlike the Kushiel's series, though that makes sense, as Kushiel is fantasy and this is Urban Fantasy.

Nicola: LOL.

Leslie: Little CJ just wants to make friends!

Aymless said...

Thanks CJ.

Uh... *passes pins to Little CJ* Good luck with your project! *g*

Tracy said...

I just got my teeth cleaned this weekend too and I should have used your technique. Instead the woman kept asking me questions. Hello? My mouth is open with your hands in it! lol It was awful. :)

Sarai said...

I have it waiting for me at the library and I'm only 53 on the list *drops head on desk* may have to just pick it up instead!

Lea said...

Hey Carolyn Jean:

Little CJ and you have blog awards waiting at my spot... ;)