Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Bermuda triangle of handbags + event news

Does this look like an evil purse to you? (Handbag, for you U.K./Australian folks). Anyway, does it?

Would you ever think a good natured blogger that you know would ever want to stab it with a knife, rip it in half and burn it? No?

Well you'd be wrong! OMG, I got this purse for FREE at a rummage sale. That should've been my first tip off. I thought, Hey, it has metal link-buckle things, a sort of cute stripe around the bottom (you can't see it that well in this picture but it does) and it's red, my favorite color.

Do not be fooled!
Once you put something in it, you will NOT BE ABLE TO FIND IT AGAIN! Seriously, it is almost like a magician's trick. Things disappear in this purse, to be found later when you are looking for an entirely different thing.

TRUE STORY: I had to call my cell phone to locate it in this purse (my cell phone lights up, and I knew the light would lead me to the right pocket.) UH, so frustrating!

Scientific explanation: the construction of the interior pockets. There are three of them, they are identical, and deep and there are interior zippers on each side, too. Things disappear no matter where you put them.
Non-scientific explanation: The Omega!

However, my man and I went out for wine and French fries at our pal's tony restaurant last night, and we walked by a flea market after, and look what I found!

This lovely yellow purse is a vintage number from Neiman Marcus, and I got it for ten bucks. Isn't it cute? It too has metal link-buckle things, a Carolyn Crane favorite feature. Also, please note the little tie feature on the front. And there are no interior pockets. I am so into this purse.

Enjoying the new French fry revolution.
There are many ways in which civilization continues to evolve and improve, and I have to say, the quality of French fries is definitely one of them. I mean, your bar fries have sort of stayed static, but fancy and semi-fancy restaurants are getting into the act with really wonderfully done, crispy, perfectly salted fries. Sometimes with great sauces. Oh, am I ever a fan!

In other news:
Smexy Books is having a big to-do while others are off at RWA. I will be one of the unfortunates left behind (thanks a lot, stupid economy!) so I'm very into this. Go visit to read about it; she'll have:
  • Giv3aways (hopefully this sneaky spelling will disguise me from contest scrapers. Uh! go away.
  • THREE of my fave authors: Megan Hart, Jeri Smith-Ready and LB Gregg
  • Interviews with a cover artist Anne Cain (go over and leave a question!)
  • Cover model Jimmy Thomas.


Chris said...

Whoa. That purse is BRIGHT.

Leslie said...

I don't usually lose things in my purse but I do find things that I have no idea how they got there. Sometimes they're not even mine. :)

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Chris: What are you saying? LOL. Yes, it is bright.'

Leslie: Maybe your furry faced friend puts stuff in there.

writtenwyrdd said...

I used to be fond of huge saddlebag purses. I can remember one time (it was 1987) where I spent fifteen minutes going through my purse, knowing my keys were in there and not being able to find them. I finally had to dump them on the hood of my car to find the stupid things.

So, from my perspective, all those interior divider thingies? A godsend, baby, all the way!

Jenre said...

I too have a handbag where stuff goes in never to resurface. The trouble is, I love it far too much to get rid of it.

Mine has a little handy pocket on the inside of one of the pockets specifically for my mobile phone so I don't lose in the depths.

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

WW: Oh, yes, ye 'ol purse dump-and-search. The Saddlebag. how funny.

Jenre: You are more patient than I am. The phone pocket is key!

lbgregg said...

I have a tiny clutch, silver no strap, it's the only purse I've ever owned that I don't lose things in...because all it holds is a credit card and maybe a very skinny lip gloss.

Otherwise--it's all Bermuda triangle for me, too.

Nice new purse. It's very colorful. Like you.

Hey! I'm going to be at Smexy books!!!

WOOOT! With all those FAMOUS people!!

Lea said...

Yikes, I'm going to be over at DIK July 20 to the 22nd - I guess I'll be alone with my menz in my cabana....

Hot Damn I love those handbags. I like the mystery of finding stuff in my huge hand bag It's like a cause finding stuff. lololol

I also love the yellow CJ - very chique and it has the added benefit of being easy to find in a crowd. ;)

Have a great day!

Blodeuedd said...

I like the yellow one :D Much better than the evil Bermuda triangle one, lol

Mandi said...

LB Gregg will be at my blog and I won't even be there :( I mean, I have no idea what is going on ;)

I love that purse. Really love it!!

orannia said...

A Tardis. Your handbag is a Tardis. Only explanation that fits :)

Oh, and we calll them handbags in NZ too :) Purses are way smaller *grin*

Katie Reus said...

I'm feeling a bit of purse envy right now! They're both awesome (excluding the mysterious vortex of the red one) but I lurve the second one! And for ten bucks? I need to go shopping with you ;)

Jill Sorenson said...

I try to carry the smallest purse possible with the least amount of items in it. No kleenex or coupons or cell phones. I think I'm the least prepared mother in the world! luv it.

Looking forward to the "can't go to RWA" parties. I'm in same boat.

nath said...

I think the purses are nice, might be evil, but nice LOL :)

Kwana said...

I often call my purse THE BLACK HOLE. I just don't know where things go. It's a mystery. I hope you enjoy your new one. Cuteness!

Tracy said...

CJ I've had purses like your red one before and I've been known to give them away without a thought and no warning to the new owner. I'm bad!lol

Love the yellow!