Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A David Cassidy outrage in comments from my last post must not go unanswered

Often, my commenters are reasonable, rational people, but I have to say I was shocked at two certain comments that came in on my Wicked Game post below, apparently in reaction to my posting of a photo of the ULTIMATE ALL-TIME BEST teen idol who most kicks ass on all other teen idols, including this Ryan fellow.

I think you know who I am talking about. Keith Partridge.

I will let these outrages speak for themselves. First, here is Hilcia's comment. Dear readers, I found all this just as shocking as you must be finding it right now.

Hilcia is somewhat new on the blogging scene, at least to me (visit her at her blog, Impressions, or Musings of a Bibliophile, where she co-blogs with Brie).

Anyway, when contacted, Hilcia got right back to me, and responded like any reasonable person: she was mortified she'd said that and totally didn't mean it.

From Hilcia's email:
CJ, Now that you e-mail me, I notice that when I posted I made an error. I was excited about Wicked Game and posted Shaun instead of DAVID CASSIDY!

DAVID CASSIDY Rocks, that's what I meant to say.... **sigh** ...When he sang "I think I Love You" I used to melt like a grill cheese sandwich.

CJ NOTE: right on sister! I THINK I LOVE YOU is an amazing song. David Cassidy is AMAZING!

HILCIA CONTINUES: Never mind when he wore one of of those little leather chokers around his sexy neck --THEN the panting would start -- AND, when singing, he always looked sideways..

CJ NOTE: Totally! The sideways look! It is so coy and mysterious yet manly, and sexy. **Pant pant** Personally, I was always partial to his puka beads, but those leather chokers did have a certain dangerous charm...

HILCIA: ...while tossing his shiny hair and puckering his sexy lips **sigh, sigh** -- THEN, the drool would just fall and gather on my chin.

CJ NOTE: Hilcia, I am just falling out of my chair thinking of this. You have practically written my post for me. David is the essence of all manhood.

HILCIA: I'm not even going to mention the pants... no, I'm not going there, because then I would have to cop to fainting spells, lolol!

CJ NOTE: Oh, yes, please do mention the pants! Yes, yes.

The pants...
Twenty minutes later
Dear readers, click here if you want to see the lameness that is today's "hottest bachelors:" Chace Crawford, Chris Pine, yada yada, as reported on by an unimpressed Kati. These men have nothing on David. Unfortunately, not everybody understands this.

Exhibit 2: Leslie's comment. Leslie runs the blog Leslie's Psyche. She has always seemed like such a nice person to me, so I contacted her, assuming it was a mistake--I wanted to give her a chance to clear her good name.

Below I have reproduced the hugely troubling email from Leslie. As you can imagine, I nearly choked on my coffee. It pains me to even let it be on my blog:

Leslie SEZ: Why Shaun Cassidy rules over David Cassidy:
1) The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - one of the best shows ever. Joe Hardy was a smart, brave hero who always solved the mystery. The Partridge Family - *rolls eyes* Keith spent the show combing his hair and hitting on girls while Danny spent it pulling pranks on Keith. CJ: totally not true!

2) Shaun has golden locks that feather more naturally than David's mousy brown hair.
CJ: Cough sputter cough. See photos above.

3) Shaun drives a cool van in the Hardy Boys. David drives a bus that looks like it was painted by someone on an acid trip.
CJ: umm, no comment.
4) Shaun as Joe Hardy is smart, funny and brave. David as Keith Partridge is constantly made to look like an idiot by Danny. CJ: Danny would've made mincemeat of Shaun!

5) Shaun can sing way better than David. Da Doo Ron Ron is a classic. I Think I Love You - David's voice squeaks. (No, wait. That's Peter Brady.) Still, David can't sing, his step-mom was the real singer in the band.
CJ: Da Doo Ron Ron? What does that even mean? I think it demonstrates a poor grasp of the English language.
6) Shaun is 3 inches taller than David. Shaun - 5'11. David - a short 5'8.

And if the attached Rolling Stone picture is what you consider attractive, well CJ, I think you're even scarier than Little CJ.
CJ: Umm. *g*

And there's the pic of Shaun, David and Shirley. Shaun looking good in jeans. David wearing bizarre shiny pants. CJ:
Uh, Hilcia? Help!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to watching my Hardy Boys Mysteries Marathon on YouTube.

Oh, oh, this is all far too distressing! I have to believe this shiny pants photo was photoshopped. David would never wear those pants! As for the RS pic (which Leslie entitled David_Cassidy_mantitty_not.jpg), well, those were some crazy times back then. You have to understand.



Nic said...
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Nicola O. said...

Are you sure about the David vs. Shaun thing?

Nicola O. said...

And to fill that sad gap in your cultural knowledge:

Renee said...

Oh god, I was totally laughing out loud, trying not to wake up my husband.

David Cassidy all the way, baby! (RS picture notwithstanding.)

You know, my memory of Shaun was that he was cuter than that picture. Do you note his unibrow?

And, David wins the hair contest, hands down! And in the side by side pic, I just want to pinch his cheeks. lol

Lori said...

LOL. It's an age thing, I'm convinced.

If you know all the words to I Think I Love You (so what am I so afraid of... I'm afraid that I'm not sure of... a love there is no cure for...) then you're a David fan all the way. You also probably love Bobby Sherman and Donny Osmond. Just sayin'. I happened to have loved Julie (x3) Do You Love Me and Puppy Love.

If you know the words to Da Do Ron Ron, which Shaun covered, I might add... then you're likely a Shaun fan. I admit, I do know the words, but note which ones I quoted above, LOL.

And. Just gotta say. Hands down, David is the coolest. What is cooler than Keith Partridge banging Lori Partridge behind the scenes? (creepy almost-faux-incest-factor aside) LOLOL!!

Leslie said...

You really should have titled this post "The Mad Ramblings of a Delusional Woman." It would have been so much more accurate.

I'm not sure what's going on with Hils - probably Little CJ working her voodoo doll...

No Photoshop used, just David being David. IIRC there was a quote from him about those pants. Something along the lines of - "These are my favorite pants. I feel so pretty when I wear them."

Nicola ~ thank you for the video of Shaun shaking that fine ass of his. Not just any guy can look that hot in bell bottoms.

Renee ~ *shakes head*

Lori ~ I love Donny Osmond. *sigh*

CJ ~ you are crazy. LMAO

H said...

No contest.
David has been friends forever with Alice Cooper (hence No More Mr Nice Guy which I believe was written about being told that they could not be seen in public together - were very fond of golf, I understand).

Besides, DC far far far far cuter than SC.
Just MHO, YMMV. *g*

Mandi said...

Who are David and Shaun Cassidy?


Kati said...

I guess now is not a good time to confess that my cousin Rhyssa and I used to dance around her bed room with turtlenecks on our heads (to simulate long hair, ladies, of course!) to Da-Doo-Ron-Ron and kissing Shaun's album cover, huh?

But honestly Rhyssa loved him more. Me? I was a John Travolta girl. Danny Zuko in Grease? Super dreamy!

Lea said...


David Cassidy has no chest hair, and, he looks like he trims his arm pit hair in that Rolling Stone cover. Scary - lolololol

Hmmmmm - well CJ - to each their own. ;)

Rock on ladies.

I favor neither, um, man..


Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Nicola: I am appalled that you would spend your time photoshopping such photos and disseminating them on the web, just to RUIN David. Do you not have something better to do? Also, the Shaun clip? Oh, poor deluded Nicola.

Renee: Isn't the the cutest pic of David? And yes, LOL the Shaun unibrow. Such a tragedy.

Lori: hmm, you have brought a completely new dimension to this with the Laurie thing. And yes, the hits the KP/DC had! Sigh. Thanks for your support in this critical matter.

Leslie: the mad ramblings? LOL. I think you need to check that side-by-side. Poor leslie, I think your little woodland animal avatar has eaten your brain.

H: thanks for that anecdote. It totally shows DC's coolness, because Alice Cooper is also very cool!

Mandi: Brothers, Former US teen idols. DC was in a sitcom, the Partridge family, and, as you can see, is the hottest guy ever to have lived.

Kati: Kissing album covers! LOL. Grease? an excellent choice.

Lea: whaaaa? neither? *g* DC doesn't trim his armpit hair...Leslie's little avatar was nibbling on it! Even her little her little woodland friend recognizes the superiority of David!

azteclady said...

David first--shiny pants not withstanding.

Mandi said...

I know who they are..just kidding;)



Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Az: THANK you!

Mandi: Whew, I thought you were serious. I was like, is Mandi from Australia? IDK if they know about DC in Australia. Which would be sad.

Hilcia said...

Les! Are you calling my tween idol crushing delusional? Are ya? Muahaha!

No contest, no contest! Come, come... you must admit David's bell-bottom pants have it on Shaun's white Miami Vice suits, you must! And hair? No wayyyyy.... girlfriend!

(LOL, I'm ignoring those shiny pants, nope, nope didn't see them)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am more of a David fan than Shaun. Something about those orange colored bell bottom pants. He wears the so well.

Nicola O. said...

Can't we all just get along?

Tracy said...

I would take David over Shaun any day, but I have to say I did have my crush on Shaun in his time.

And yes - photoshopping must be what happened in the picture - no other explanation.

lisabea said...

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Karen W. said...

I guess this isn't the place to say I was never a Cassidy fan?!? It was Bobby Sherman and Donny Osmond all the way! ;-)

Hey, do I at least get some points because I met Shaun Cassidy 20 years ago? :-)

orannia said...

It is really beyond the pale that I've never seen an episode of The Partridge Family? And I don't think I saw The Hardy Boys either. My world is obviously incomplete *hand on brow* Obviously I need to do some research :)

See I spent my youth watching westerns (Little Joe from Bonanza anyone?)...and The Dukes of Hazzard!

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Hilcia: The shiny pants are a figment of all our imaginations.

KB: SO well!

Nicola: I'm not so sure about that video for either the SHaun or the David side!

Tracy: Go team David!

LB: I think I love YOU if you wrote that all from memory.

Karen: Yes, you get points subtracted! LOL. Just kidding. And yes, Donny was dreamy!

Orannia: You poor thing! Though Dukes of Hazzard is a fine show!

Lori said...

Oh, poor orannia! Never saw the PF or HB? I was so in love with Parker Stevenson. sigh. Note, not Shaun Cassidy. Parker Stevenson.

And Karen W - another Bobby Sherman and Donny fan! Yay!

I think I love you, LB!!

Chris said...

I was a David Cassidy (um, I might have the Partridge Family's Greatest Hits in my music library) and Parker Stevenson fan. Although that Rolling Stone picture is kinda scary...

Sarah said...

OMG - the Rolling Stone Cover... seeeew nice!

naida said...

lol c.j. you crack me up!

Tumperkin said...

I know of David but not of Shaun. 'I think I love you' is a global classic. 'Da Do Ron Ron', not so much. And of course the side by side portraits make it plain: 1970s David is the winner.

The later David, and his shimmery trousers, we must try to put from our minds.

Karen W. said...


We must have the same tastes because I was all Parker Stevenson, not Sean. :)

I met Parker when I was about 18 at a charity pro-celeb tennis festival, and I think I drove him crazy, following him around like a puppy dog. He was gracious, though, and signed an autograph for me.