Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best ending of the year + random Medieval & watermelon-related items

I think I am going to put up a hall of fame here on my blog, or like an award thing, and the best ending of the year will go to Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. (Previous thoughts on book here.)

This was just a delightful book that galloped exuberantly to its end! It was a perfect ending in every way. And though obviously, this being a romantic comedy, you grow to expect a certain ending, there were elements of it came as a pleasant surprise. But don't get me wrong--the seeds of the ending were in the story. It lived up to the 'unexpected yet inevitable' maxim for endings. Oh, I love an ending like that. I don't know what to say, this was a great ending. It was just all so perfectly done. Okay, this is a terrible blog post, I know.

My new yummy MedievalIn other book news, I have begun Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix, which I won from the ever lovely and kind Leslie of Leslie's Psyche. I wanted to read it for two reasons: it's set in 1095, and I was craving that time period. Also, the hero turns into an eagle at night, and I like that. I really enjoy birds and, well, all critters, really.

And I'm really enjoying this book, too. There was this sweet scene in the beginning where pigeon pie is served and Ivo, the eagle-by-day hero, refused to eat it. There was also this interesting bit where Ivo muses on the arrangement of the pieces on the chessboard, thinking how times have changed, what with the religious pieces flanking the king and queen, and the knights and castles farther away.

Wow! It had never occurred to me that the standard arrangement of the chess pieces mirrored Medieval political realities. I LOVE learning new things in books like this! Even though there's not much eagle action, Immortal Warrior is satisfying my time period craving. Read more about it here.

My new favorite fruit
In still other news, it is beastly hot here in Minneapolis, and I have had watermelon for dinner for several days. Amazingly, watermelon really fills you up and quenches your thirst at the same time. I have rediscovered watermelon! Watermelon is now officially my favorite fruit. Note: I am not in that photo.


Lori said...

I KNEW it ! Didn't I tell you the ending rocked? Sigh. Just perfect.

Nicola O. said...

Have you read Christina Dodd's Scent of Darkness series?

One of the heroes is a raven.

My review is here:

lisabea said...

Watermelon. Mmmmmmm.....

Mandi said...

I just ordered Just the Sexiest Man will be my first Julie James.

Immortal Warrior was good. I liked the supporting characters more than the Hero.

Kati said...

I was very blah about Immortal Warrior, so I'll definitely be interested in your take on it.

Blueberries for me. I can't stand watermelon. Does that make me odd? Probably.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Every time I think of the court scene in PMP I can't help but break out in laughs.
So not a watermelon fan.

Tracy said...

I loved PMP and am so glad you did too!

I also really liked Immortal Warrior by Hendrix. I especially like the paranormal set in medieval times - good stuff.

Watermelon - yum!

Lea said...

You already know how much I loved PMP so I won't carry on, I agree the ending was delightful.

I'm so happy Ivo didn't eat the pigeon pie. Poor bird. I'll look forward to more of your thoughts with respect to "Immortal Warrior" CJ.. I like the turning into an eagle at night aspect of the character too.

I think it is hot everywhere right now, watermelon sounds perfect.


Renee said...

Mmmm...watermelon. With a squeeze of lime it's wonderful!

My husband likes to make ice cream, and made some watermelon sorbet recently. Sooo good.

That Lisa Hendrix book sounds interesting! I love those shifters. :-)

I like that Hall of Fame idea.

orannia said...

It had never occurred to me that the standard arrangement of the chess pieces mirrored Medieval political realities.

OK, that is just so cool!

Watermelon...not so much. Honey Dew Melon...or fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries and my personal favourite bosenberries....) YUM!. Summer feels so far away :(

Leslie said...

Yep, loved the end of PMP.

The history buff in me just loves stuff like that.

It's triple digits here. Yuck! Love watermelon and pineapple. I could eat pineapple every day. lol

Marg said...

No melons of any description for me! At the moment I am eating a lot of mandarins, bananas and apples. Boring but tasty.

Tumperkin said...

Right, I'm just going to have to order this, aren't I? I never buy lawyer books but there are too many great reviews of this to ignore.