Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest post at the Book Smugglers & my non-triumphant first viewing

Today I am at The Book Smugglers doing a guest post entitled Musicals vs. Obliviousness for their "Inspirations and Influences" series. And later today, they will be reviewing Mind Games! [Note: now up here!]

My first night as an author
Last night Mark and I went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate my release day, and then we stopped in at a Barnes & Noble that is by the restaurant to visit my book actually in a store, which I have never seen. You know, I was excited to see it on a shelf and everything.

So we go in, and it wasn't there! We looked in all the places it could be, and then this guy asked if he could help us, so we said we are looking for Mind Games by Carolyn Crane. And he takes us to the puzzle section. And then I said, no, it's a book. Because I felt weird about saying, "a book by ME, dude." So he looks it up on his computer and he can't understand why it would not be on the shelf. So he goes in back to see if it is still in a box, and he can't find it.

So then he gets a co-worker and they have this whole conversation like, where's the box? And then she has to drop everything she is doing to go back. So after all this extensive searching, inally she brings out a copy of the book and hands it to him, and he gives it to me. And I'm like, thanks!

At this point, I'm feeling TOTALLY WEIRD, because I'm actually not going to buy the book! (Though I had chosen other books to buy). Because you know, I have author copies! I just wanted to see it in the store!!!! And also, I am aware I should've offered to sign it, maybe. I don't know how that works. But, I felt dumb.

Anyway, Mark thought maybe we should browse a bit more, as though we maybe intended to buy it, and just changed our minds. So we browse a little more, and then I nestle my book into its correct alphabetical place in the fantasy section (right next to Terminator Salavation by G. Cox!) And we buy our books from a different clerk, luckily not one of the two on the search. And then we get out of there. So that was my triumphant night! But that's fine, because I had the greatest release day an author could have, and everybody has been so supportive and fabulous!!!

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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Why didn't you go to a Mongolian restaurant to celebrate? hee hee

Chris said...

So, now that Uncle Hugo's has admitted to actually receiving it yesterday (thank you, Uncle Hugo's update feed), we must go and gawk at it there and I offer you up as the author so you don't have to worry about those awkward points of etiquette. You know me. BLURT! ;)

Chris said...

I WILL offer you up as the author. D'oh. Proofread, Chris, proofread.

Although that typo gave me the excuse to share the great veri word that came up this time: bertayor.


What betrayal becomes if Bert's involved?

Carolyn Crane said...

KB: That would have been more appropriate! LOL

Chris: Right, that would have never happened at Uncle Hugo's! Yes, I was thinking of stopping there.

Chris said...

You know, if you aren't too picky about what I'm wearing, we could go right now!! I'm working from home and I think it must surely be my lunch break. :)

Patti said...

I love this story, LOL! Heading out to pick up my copy today - had to reserve as this particular bookstore is notorious for putting new releases out a week late. (It's the closest one to me) Will make appropriate disapproving noises if yours are not on the shelves ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris: can't now, but after work?

Patti: Okay, so maybe the people at my bookstore and yours are in some sort of club. Also, THANKS for getting it! So hope you like!

Chris said...

Crap, no, I have to go to that work happy hour thingie... Damn! And I have a conference call this afternoon. Tomorrow after work???

Carolyn Crane said...

Crap, no! I have a thing at 4:30!!! Hold on, I'm emailing you.

Blodeuedd said...

Lol nice post, I would have done the same thing. Glad they found it at last

Wendy said...

Ah-hmm! You gave me Star Vein Syndrome, CJ! I hope you're happy. ;)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

*bops Wendy on head* HAHA I have disillusioned you!


Tracy said...

omg how traumatizing for you! Well, I'll have to go check my B & N and Borders and make sure it's out right where it's supposed to be - I'll even take pictures! lol

Congrats on your release!

Christine said...

So glad you had a fun release day, Carolyn! :D

I found MIND GAMES at my local B&N here in New Jersey last night and was so excited to see that Justine's neighbor upstairs on the shelf is Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs) and downstairs was Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison). What a cool neighborhood! ;)

p.s. I think it would be cool for you to sign the copies of your book at your local bookstores. I know that Eloisa James has done that because she lives in my area and I have found signed copies of her books at my B&N. So fun. :D

Carolyn Crane said...

BloDD: It was a relief!

Wendy!!! LOL. Thanks!

KB: You so silly.

Tracy: Thanks! It was sort of embarrassing.

Christine: I saw that last night and it was so nice to see after my thing. New Jersey bookstores really seem to have their acts together!

Wendy said...

CJ! You're totally welcome! :)

KB! My savioooooor! Mwah!

Sullivan McPig said...

That is indeed a non-triumphant first viewing, but at least Justine got some cool neighbours.

Mandi said...

LOL..of course you would have to go through all those hurdles to see your book..I'm glad you put it on the shelf though..LOL!

Jill Sorenson said...

Well deserved buzz, miss!

LOL about feeling dumb at the bookstore. I've been there. I was buying a copy of "my" Cosmo a few months ago and I asked the clerk to put it in a separate bag because I didn't want it to get smashed by groceries or whatever. She sort of rolled her eyes and made me feel stupid, and I was too embarrassed to say anything more!! Gah. What is so hard about saying I'm *this* author? It just seems so pretentious. But it's really not, right?

So next time, introduce yourself, ask for the manager, and sign all of the stock. I've done it and no one blinks an eye. They are always super nice. Plus then you meet connects for book signings!

Congrats on the great reviews.

Renee said...

So glad you had a great dinner, at least!

I'll be definitely be running over to my B & N to make sure that your book is on the shelf. (And picking up a copy for my giveaway, of course.)

OK, off to read more of Mind Games!

Moonsanity said...

This SO would have happened to me. BAHAHAHAHA With your luck, if it's anything like mine, you would have offered to sign copies and they wouldn't have believed you were the author even after showing them ID.

Anonymous said...

I found your book tonight in a "New Fiction" section cover side out at Borders in Seattle. :) If I can figure out how to get the picture off my phone, I'll send it to you! Happy release week! Julia

Carolyn Crane said...

Sullivan: Most non-triumphant!

Mandi: Thanks

Jill: THANK YOU! Okay, I didn't understand all that.

Renee: yay! I so hope you like!!

Moonsanity: Right, because anybody could sort of go in there, right? and say they are the author?

Julia: Yay, it's out in Borders! LOL. Thanks so much for taking a pic! If you ever figure out how to send, it would be fun to see. ON my phone, it is sort of complicated tho!

Mary G said...

Congrats on your first book release Carolyn. I can only imagine how scary/cool that is. It's in stock at the Chapters book stores in Canada that are closest to me. You already have a 4 star
"Wonderful Debut" review there.
Best Wishes.