Monday, March 29, 2010

Are dark-haired heroines more badass?

Do blond heroines have a better fashion sense? Do redheads have more fun...with vampires? What haircolor signifies the ultimate Dirty Harry heroine?

The answers to all these questions and more are on Rebecca and my scarily elaborate chart over at

Carolyn and Rebecca's Urban Fantasy Hair Color Horoscopes

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As noted yesterday, I stopped over yesterday at B00kbound and had a great time chatting with Jessica about writing, mentors and the people of Antarctica. So come on over! International welcome to enter!

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bookaholic said...

I dont think dark haired heroines are more badass. Well I dont blame you is you smell bias here,cos I am a little I guess..

Rebecca @ DSB said...

CJ! Way to rock the 80s hair picture. Her mane is practically lion-esq, and gawd, did we really torture our hair into those huge puff balls? Did I really have that many perms? Ugh, I did.

It was a load of fun writing the hair horoscopes with you, and I hope we can do another dual post sometime, when you're not running all over blogosphere like a marathon runner (how are you doing all this? I'd have collapsed by now?).

Lea said...

Go CJ!

Man, you are a busy lady. I'm looking forward to your interview with Mandi tomorrow. ;)

I hope you are holding up okay.

LOL Great topic for a blog post BTW.

Tracy said...

I think dark-haired heroines are usually the kick ass ones in books...though I'm sure blondes could kick ass just as well. I think writers just stereotype them sometimes.

Now redheads always get the great guys who have ALWAYS loved redheads. Yeah...this doesn't happen in real life, lemme tell ya. lol