Monday, September 27, 2010

Otto: darkly dashing hero, wacky comedian, or kindly German grandpa?

I'm over at Book Lovers Inc today talking with Susi about the weirdness of names, and telling various namefail anecdotes. Come on over and say hi! Tell us what your NAMEFAILS would be, what names you love. You might just win a book. It's all happening here. 

Double Cross discussion starts Oct. 4th 
Spotted in the Canadian wilds
Melissa of My words and pages and Robyn of The Bookaholic Zone have been holding really fun, interesting discussions about UF and paranormal books, and they've chosen Double Cross for their book this upcoming month!  They'll be discussing a portion of the book every Monday for four Mondays, starting Monday October 4th. Anybody can join in.
All the info is right here!!

It's almost tomorrow! 
OMG, the countdown clock the the lovely Caitlin of Vision Quest fail blog made is counting down in hours now instead of days.

Sometimes I am so shocked at how fast time goes! I'm really excited for my book to release, though. Well, it is already on the shelves in many places, actually!

Here is a photo of my book spotted in the wild by Lea of Closetreader. This was in Canada, I think at a Chapters. The first sighting.


Chris said...

Oh! Look at how beautiful it is on the shelf!!

Christine said...

Only a matter of hours now! : )

I had a kindly German Uncle Otto and I admit pictured him in my head when I first read about Otto Sanchez. Thank goodness I was able to shake that image early on. LOL

Shiloh Walker said...

Heh. I'll have you know I was talking to a bookseller here locally and she checked it out-it was in the store, but according to her system, couldn't be sold. Street date.

Hmmmm. Yeah. Otto DOES sound like a kindly grandpa...

Kati said...

Good luck, darlin'! I know this one is going to be a hit too! So proud to be able to call you friend!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you for the shout out on our chats for Double Cross. :) Hope you had a wonderful release day! I did have to run out and get my copy on lunch hour. And hard to believe but the store (being an Express in the mall) only had one copy! I couldn't believe it and the woman working couldn't either. But, I did snag my copy. Best of luck!