Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four big, fun, exciting things!

The secret language of the cover! Comment. Win! 
I am over at Bitten by Books with a post about urban fantasy cover trends, and also, some anecdotes about the creation of my own covers, and some little secret anecdotes about what certain things on the covers mean to me. Of course, I'm also giving out PRIZES! TWO signed books and TWO $25 Amazon gift cards! Come say hi and enter to win!

Jessica, my beta reader, speaks out!
True story: I started to get jitters when I read my proofing bound mss/alley of  Double Cross. Between my own constant tweaks, often in response to the fabu ideas of my brilliant critique partner, Tumperkin and my equally brilliant agent Cameron, there were sweeping arc changes, and I was like, nobody has read this as a book lately! Something felt off. I wrote this pleading email to my pal Jessica of Read React Review, whose sensibilities on people and nose for fiction I've always admired, begging for a read. She read it, and pointed out super key things that saved some key scenes. Though, er, some of her ideas, were, how shall we say...too brilliant, too ahead of her time. 

I'm at the RT Book Reviews Blog! 
Woo! I'm in the author spotlight over at RT Book Reviews! I'm talking about getting the idea for the Disillusionists, and also about hammering out where I stand on the disillusionist issue, and where characters stand.

Thing FOUR...WHAT!?!?!?!
Okay, this is a perfect representation of what release week can be like. Especially when you have a day job. (I'm working on that script, I swear!) LOL. So many exciting and cool and important things happen all at once! Seriously, there was something else equally hugely important to me that I was going to post here. ARGH! I'm sorry person who probably did something really kind and supportive and I probably look like I don't care....

Stay tuned.


Katiebabs/ KB said...

You must be on cloud 9 all this week! Good for you. :)

Chris said...

Of course, after you've posted that picture of Jessica, the next beta read she does for you should be even more interesting. :)

Marg said...

You know, Jessica doesn't look a thing like I imagined her!