Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My stint on "In the Corner" with Brigwyn!

I was so honored to have Brigwyn invite me to be on his fabulous podcast show this week, "In the Corner!" He's such a good interviewer, a fun person, and has a special ninja talent for thinking up cool questions. We talked disillusionists, books, writing, retreats and more! Check out Brigwyn's site and the podcast here.

I tried not to sound incoherent, but be warned: there's a definite reason I'm a writer and not a public speaker. Because I'm all, you know, like, uh, you know, um, uh, er, you know, yeah! 

I've been listening to Brigwyn's show for a while, and I always learn something interesting and cool on it. He gets a great mix of guests: Gamers, WebTV Series people, and writers. So honored to be on it! Oh, and he's giving away a set of books to a lucky commenter!!

 If you prefer to listen on the go feel free to listen to the interview using one of the following:
  • iTunes
  • MediaFly
  • RSS Feed
  • Direct Download

Comment & WIN!! No matter what method you use to listen, or if you download it for later, to do an interpretive dance to, you can leave a comment to win a free set of both books, Mind Games and Double Cross, here!

Image: Silent speech interface from wiki commons.

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orannia said...

Ohhhh. A podcast. *heads off to see if I can listen to my first ever podcast*