Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over at the Mind Meld talking non non-genre influences

I was so flattered to be asked to participate in one of SF Signal's Mind Meld features, which is where they ask a lot of different authors the same question. Today's question was:

 What non-genre books influenced you in some way? How?

I picked out three books, and tried to think of specific and general examples of how they influenced me. Actually, I had a lot of fun reading the other writers' responses, too. It was just really cool to look at what books they treasure and learn from.

What did I pick? All is revealed here...


orannia said...

Non-genre books? *intrigued*

kam luen said...

dear ms crane,
hello.Hope you are well.Just finished reading both your books mind games and double cross.just wanted to tell you that i found the storyline unique , very interesting psycholgy twists etc.Please dont get upset but i found justine the heroine very irritating naive and dumb many times.... i hope in the book 3 she will be stronger kick ass and stop being so sissy... sorry had to get that off my chest.good wishes.kam lin from malaysia

Carolyn Crane said...

Orannia: Hi!

Kam: Thanks for stopping by, and the kind words. Well, I hope you will think she is more kick ass in book 3, too.

Hilcia said...

That's a fascinating post, CJ! It was great reading those responses... quite revealing.