Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Supernatural Sidekicks for authors...and hot Gumby action!

This supernatural sidekick
pecks the author on the head when
she spends too much time on twitter.
More at Vampire Book Club...
Release week has turned especially wacky today. First, please allow me to draw your attention to the wonderful Vampire Book Club, where I am discussing a very important topic: Supernatural Sidekicks that authors could maybe use.  The post could also be entitled Supernatural Sidekicks that I could maybe use.

Come by and say hi at Vampire Book Club! 

Also, Katibabs has written a very moving post on her great passion for Gumby, where she blames me for her Gumby fetish (!!) shows the rare Gumby jazz hands, and is giving away a copy of Head Rush!!

Visit Katiebabs & Gumby and enter to win! 

Also, I want to thank everyone for the kind words and well wishes and all the interest in the Head Rush, and for making my release week so wonderful.

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