Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Talking Fight Scenes at WLP + there's a new Xmas tradition at Casa Crane

An annoyed Mr. Crane carries out our new holiday
tradition: the coating of the tree with tabasco sauce.
Hey all! First off, don't fall off your chair, but I'm guest posting somewhere where I actually talk about writing. At the fabulous Wicked Little Pixie!!

Actually, I'm talking about fight scenes, my approach to them, and a shocking UFC fight that inspired an important fight scene in Head Rush. And there's a video clip!

Do stop by!! You could even win Head Rush!

It's all part of the mondo celebration, 13 Wicked Days of Xmas at Wicked Pixie, a time of year full of author visits, prizes and snark and mayhem - don't miss a day! Yesterday was Thea Harrison!

In other news...
We got our Christmas tree yesterday! We were so excited to decorate it. We haven't had a Christmas tree in years, because we're always traveling to Wisconsin to see the family. Anyway, the minute we got it in the door, our super naughty cat Oblio started chowing on it.

I immediately went to the computer to see if pine was toxic to cats, and guess what? It totally is.

What naughty boy chewed on
the new Christmas tree? 
So, to the upper right  you see Mr. Crane, pictured carrying out our new Xmas tradition: coating the entire bottom area of the tree with habenero Tabasco sauce, which is what we must use to coat power cords here, too.

Ah yes, nothing like the smell of pine slathered in Tabasco sauce to get a girl in the Xmas spirit!

But really, isn't it a nice tree?


Amber said...

Oh dear. Our cats have gnawed at a branch before, but they get tired of it pretty quickly. Er...not fatalities yet.

That picture of annoyed Mr. Crane is priceless.

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

Have to agree with is Mr. Crane applying the Tabasco? You do know that they have a spray that is basically Tabasco sauce that would make it really easy to apply to a tree, right? *grin*

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

The photo is really great "(sigh) If I tell this at work, no one will beleive me" :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Amber: Haha. Well, who knows if ours got tired of it...or if the spicy is working!

Jackie: I would love that spray! We tried special bitte apple yucky kitty spray on things and it didn't work.
Mr. Crane is applying it with a plastic bag over his hand, rubbing it on the branches. A messy process.

Alex: Funny. Well, you have proof! LOL

Tez Miller said...

This is why you can't have nice things ;-) But those adorable kittehs are worth it!

kylie said...

I agree with Tez - having adorable felines is worth not having nicer things. I'm used to torn screens, whittled wood frames, and paw imprints in the apartment. And congrats on the tree!

Christine said...

Wow you're such dedicated pet owners. I catch one of our cats chewing on our Christmas tree a couple of times every day, but there's no way I'm coating the branches with tabasco! Chances are I'LL touch the tree and then eventually my eyes... not good.

Kudos to Mr. Crane.

Chris said...

Dang, what a naughty kitty! My kitties are jealous... although they did finish off my grape ivy this week.

Yikes, you sure you don't want your presents to touch the habanero, then open them, then rub your eyes... O.o

Brie said...

I wish I could do the same with my iPod's earphones. I can't let them lying around unsupervised because my cat eats them. My cat is crazy!