Monday, December 5, 2011

X-mas replay: The 13 gifts you should NOT get for werewolves this holiday + a visit with Smexy

Important warnings at the League
Hey friends!
Two things are happening today - this morning, I'm over at the League of Reluctant Adults reprising an important werewolf gift oldie post from Christmas past, with a few updates. Come say hi!


This afternoon, I'll be at Smexy's rocking blog answering a very important question:

If you could pick one of your characters to go to New Orleans with you, who would you pick and what would you do?

There will be other activities, too. It's part of the Authors After Dark spotlight - the convention is in New Orleans this summer! Yippee! Come say hi! (Also, this isn't connected with my visit, but Smexy and Fiction Vixen are giving away a Kindle Fire.)

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Tez Miller said...

Eff ths Slanket! You need the cow-patterned kids' doona suit :-)