Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release month roundup

Happy New Year, everybody!

Well, HEAD RUSH has been out just about a month now! I'm so happy and relieved it's out. Also, so so grateful for everybody taking time to tweet about it and facebook, and put up reviews on blogs and Goodreads and Amazon and, seriously, just to get and read it!

I wonder if you know how much that means to an author. You probably don't, so let me tell you: It means TONS!!! Thank you!

Some fun end-of-year round-uppy things in no particular order...  
I have enjoyed seeing Head Rush and the trilogy pop up on some end-of-year lists:

>>The Disillusionists trilogy was named a top pearl for 2011 by "Pearls Cast before a McPig" (a blog with one of the most delightful blog names!) AND, you can win a signed book there!

>>HEAD RUSH earned a spot in the Top 10 of 2011 from Goldilox and the three Weres, another delightful blog with a most delightful blog name.

>>HEAD RUSH was also there among the Advent Calendar books of 2011 over at Book Lovers Inc. where they choose favorite books to overview and give away. Yay!

>>Justine Jones was named Best Heroine of 2011 in Under the Covers Book Blog!!  So honored, UTC.

>>Finally, I was super stoked for the Disillusionists to be called Best Series of the Year at the awesome For What It's Worth Reviews. *yippee!*

....okay, I'm really bad at collecting these things, so if I have missed any end-of-year things, please do let me know! And thanks again, everybody for reading!!

Have a fun and safe week, everybody! 


Sullivan McPig said...

Your books totally deserve all the attention they're getting.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I agree with Sullivan - You and your books deserve this. Congratulations. =o)