Monday, January 16, 2012

Who is my Girl Crush? + author site redesign, day 2

First, I'm over at fellow author Katherine Hawkings blog, 'Who needs Neverland?'  

Her first book is coming out in February (The Sphinx Project!) and she also runs a feature called Girl Crush Monday where she and other authors post about their girl crushes.

Today, I'm there posting about why I think Patti Smith is so awesome. And, rather incoherently, I must say.

But, isn't that what a crush is all about? Who can be logical and reasonable about a crush? It would take all the fun away! Come say hi! 

Author site!
In other news, I'm redesigning my author site. Of course I have to do it myself because I am a major DIY girl and massive control freak (You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to hire an outside editor and a cover artist for my Simon novella.)

Anyway, I have just enough techie and coding skills to be dangerous on an author site.

My author site, day two. Aren't you SO impressed?
I use this Wordpress theme called Headway. It's a very powerful and flexible theme that lets control freaks control many things (ahem), but they did an update that changes things (for the better) but the learning curve for an unskilled non-techie like me is a bit steep. Part of that is because I'm trying to do a very unusual layout and scheme.

I thought I would make all sorts of progress yesterday, but spent the whole day getting a feel for the new tools. Pictured, a screenshot of my site after I worked on it for like SIX HOURS. lol

But, I feel like I have what I need now to achieve my very extreme and insane ambitious vision. There won't actually be animals on the site. I was just getting a feel for how to manipulate things. Wish me luck!

And, Happy Martin Luther King day to my fellow Americans! Yay MLK!!

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Patricia said...

I'm right now too freaking tired to write a proper comment. I just wanted to say: WORDPRESS!

If I can be of any help, let me know. I think I spent the last week screaming Wordpress and trying to convince people of switching to, using the best of the best plugins, writing their own themes etc. I should actually be paid.. XD

And I bookmarked the Patti Smith post. Had an discussion about her a few weeks ago with someone, so I'm curious what you have to say. *g*

All my best!