Saturday, February 16, 2008

The sexy sleeping heroine bedroom visit and 2 DNFs

Great Moments from last night's reading
Book: Kiss of Midnight
Author: Lara Adrian
Spoiler level: low

Ah, the sexy midnight bedroom visit. The heroine fast asleep, the hero she longs for during the day steals in, aided by his paranormal powers, and encounters her worshipfully—he, too, longs for her! —and they have some hot erotic encounter that she is totally into, while being in this dreamy sort of fugue state. And the next morning the heroine thinks it was just this fabulous dream.

There is nothing so enchanting in a book (yet so potentially disturbing were it to happen in real life). Oh well. Whatev!

I’ve been casting around for a new series to start, and while I have some books I know will be winners in my TBR, I’m saving them for our vacation in Seattle next week.

Anyway, I was quite pleased to come upon a wonderful sexy bedroom visit scene near the opening of Kiss of Midnight, even more pleased with the dependable writing leading up to it. You know that feeling when you start a book and you just know you’re in good hands? Like, you know you can count on the author to come through for you with solid entertainment? That’s how I felt here.

It was heartening after a string of TWO DNFs, one of which I threw across the room from the bathtub, a place where I have access to no other books. It was an extreme situation!

This DNF, which I will not name, sheees! I was reading pages of chatty backstory exposition in the middle of fight and chase scenes—the author was going into everything but her heroine’s maiden aunt’s 1987 genealogy project when you just wanted to see what happened! (I have heard this referred to as Fictus Interruptus. And that’s how it felt).

Totally the opposite of the fun, reader-friendly, organic-to-the-story exposition style of Meljean Brook. Maybe Meljean has spoiled me for other books!

This bathtub DNF which I will not name also featured some feisty-heroine-fighting-against-the-person-rescuing-her scenes. And piping up with feisty commentary in inappropriate situations. The other DNF was more ‘not my cup of tea,’ genre-wise, but it still had the heroine struggling against an obviously benevolent helper. The hero also had a freaky temper thing that made him act irrationally. I can’t get into that. But I might revisit that DNF in a different mood, as it is highly recommended by somebody I respect.

Anyway, I took the DNFs off my TBR list. Now I'm on Kiss of Midnight, which I will probably bring to Seattle with my other prime TBRs.


lisabea said...

You realize what you have done, right? I am committed to uncovering what those DNF's are.

Carolyn Jean said...

Uh oh.
LB, I will tell you only this: you were not the recommender of either.

sula said...

oh cool, I just finished Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian. Very enjoyable. I think it's number 3 in the series, but the first of hers that I've read.

Now I'm just hoping that I'M not the one who recommended the DNFs. lol.

Carolyn Jean said...

Okay, I had better clarify this. The bathtub DNF, I don't remember where it came from, but I suspect it was a sort of "if you liked this book then..." recommendation from Amazon, accompanied by tons of glowing reviews. The other one, which I may give another whirl, showed up on many "best" lists last year.

Sula, I am glad the series holds up. Astonishing how like BDB it is. But I'm fine with that!

lisabea said...

My ears just perked WAY up. BDB? Huh.

I don't trust that Amazon and their 5 star (lies!) ratings.

Carolyn Jean said...

LB, I'm halfway through this one, and the similarities are so strong, I almost wonder if Ward herself didn't write it. It is so similar, it's uncanny. In some ways, it's better. The acknowledgements thank 'Jessica Bird,' and there's a Ward blurb on the front. This is the ultimate, can't-miss replacement drug for BDB. Complete, as you see, with the sexy bedroom visit from the dark powerful vampiric stranger.

Wendy said...

I want to know what the DNF's were! Carolyn, you MUST tell me, what if, unknowingly, they're in my TBR pile?!

Anyhoo, I've read Kiss of Midnight, it's awesome and when the series came out, I heard a lot of "it's so like the BDB series!" etc, and yeah, they are some similarities but s'all good.

PS; you know what's the word verification for this comment? mofoz, lol.

sula said...

popping in to comment on the BDB connection. Imo, it is a decent fix to hold one over till the next installment of crack. In some ways, her writing seems technically stronger. BUT, imho, it is lacking that intense driving alive-ness that makes the BDB so damned addictive and compelling. When I was reading MA, I enjoyed myself but felt more connected cerebrally than the huge emotional rush I get when reading Ward. Does that make any sense at all? lol.

One point in Adrian's favor...the heroine in the book I read was much stronger and held her own.

Carolyn Jean said...

Wendy, those word verifications sometimes bug me, but mofoz is at least easy to type. I'm not surprised at the talk of similarities. Can I be more behind the times?

That is interesting, Sula, that you had a more vibrant connection to the Ward series. It's hard to compare, I suppose, since this one is so fresh in my mind and I'm only half through. But it's true, the Ward series captured my imagination in a very strong way, and it lives in me. This book may fade. Only time will tell.

Sarai said...

I love this book and in case you wanted to know the series gets better and better. And I am totally going to take a beating here and say that it is so much better then BDB I didn't care for that series but I Love, love, love this one.
Have a great trip

lisabea said...


I have to make an amazon run tomorrow. Obviously.

Christine said...

I can't believe I missed this discussion. :(

First of all... your second DNF that was on a lot of best lists? I'm guessing it was on mine. Just confirm that and then I can place bets on what book you are referring to. And if I am right... no hard feelings. To each her own, true?

Second of all, I'm a big fan of Adrian's Midnight Breed stories. Yes, the series starts out very similar to Ward's BDB and I did initially think that the Breeds would make a good filler until the next BDB release. HOWEVER..... That is not the case any longer. While I was and always will be in love with Ward's first three BDB novels, I feel the quality of Ward's writing diminished with Lover Revealed and then Lover Unbound. AND I feel that Adrian's just keeps getting better. You hit it right on the money, Carolyn. Adrian's writing is dependable. She is consistent with the rules of her world, and at the same time the depth of the overall series story arc continues to grow with each romance novel. I know I can count on a solid HEA at the end of each Midnight Breed novel.

All this talk and now I want Rio's book badly! Is it March 25 yet?