Thursday, February 21, 2008

So you have a sexy vampire roommate. Now what?

Great Moments from last night's reading
Book: Lust Bites
Author: Da Costa/Lloyd/Madden
Spoiler level: medium

Well, my self discipline just isn’t all that great apparently. I have torn into one of the books I was specifically saving for our vacation to Seattle, and now I am half through it. It’s turned into a bit of a binge, actually, but the good thing about a reading binge is that it doesn’t have negative consequences.

Unless you count my pure mind being addled by the deliciously smutty stuff in these wonderful stories, won by me from the generous “tash v. slap” Tumperkin. Oh my god!

Anyway, I am reading these in reverse order, saving the reportedly best, the Kristina Lloyd story, for last. So I haven’t read that, but goddman if I haven’t enjoyed these other two. Especially the one I’m in the middle of now, the Portia Da Costa story, Buddies Don't Bite.

Her characters here are finely drawn, especially Zachary, who is secretly a vampire and his roommate Teresa can never know! But they are really into each other!
The learn sharp line of his cheekbones and his jaw conferred on him a louche romantic glamour that reminded her of those sexy silent movie stars who dressed as sheikhs and wore eyeliner. Couple that with the kind of dark curly hair…that suggested a wild Byronic decadence on him, and the most hypnotic blue eyes, the color of a rare antique perfume bottle.
Thanks, Portia - I totally know that color! We used to find little bottles that color in Pewaukee Lake. I love louche romantic glamour, too. Louche means disreputable, but you don’t need to know that. This story is also subtly humorous. Like, Teresa thinks Zack has food allergies, and photosensitivity, and he drinks this iron fortification drink. And why is she always thinking about his teeth? she wonders. You get the sense Da Costa is having fun writing this.

And there are vivid little erotic touches. Like, they go to bed together, but she still doesn’t know he’s a vampire--she mustn't see his crimson eyes of arousal, so he blindfolds her and here’s this next:
Zack began to unfasten her pyjama top. He slipped each button from its hole, but didn’t open the panels, moving all the way down to the hem with her body still covered. Then, only then, did he pluck apart the leaves and expose her.
I love how Da Costa takes care to describe this so precisely and exactly. It's odd, not like this big lusty move, but thoughtful and effective. I would definitely go for a full Da Costa novel.


Katie(babs) said...

PJ's are very sexy when being blindfolded and seduce by a secret vampire

lisabea said...

I love these "great moments". I'm having a similar experience with Josh Lanyon's Dark Horse. So lovely I want to share it in little snippets with everyone.

When is Seattle?

Carolyn Jean said...

Katie - they sure the hell are here.
Hi LB! Tomorrow is Seattle. The other book I'm saving is Demon Night.
That other Josh Lanyon - hell you say or whatever, is on my most serious about to buy list.

lisabea said...

I just read a very tight story by Josh. He makes me crazy because he totally down played this book (or that's how I read it) and, other than the fact that shorter books offer fewer characters and therefore the "mystery" component is usuallly obvious, he writes these male characters (in first person POV) and captures fraility and doubt and outrage and, garh, it's so goooood. Damn. Damn. My site is turning into a fan girl squeeee. I need to read something sucky to balance the cheerleading. hehe.

Have a fab time in Seattle. Buy Coffee. Send it to me.


If you see Chris Cornell, make sure he autographs your breasts.Your husband will not mind that. really...

Sarai said...

Oh dang yet another one to put on the list. I swear this is the year for books and Amazon's stock is rising because of you...
Who is this Josh Lanyon? Does he write just mystery or paranormal?

MaryKate said...

I *LOVE* Portia da Costa. On top of being a terrific writer, she's just the loveliest person!

Have you read The Tutor by Portia??? Holy cow! It's my all time favorite by her. She writes great erotic romance with lovely HEAs!

Carolyn Jean said...

LB: I can't wait to read the Josh Stuff, and Sarai, I think it's mostly mystery, but some romance - see lisabea's blog for a review of a few of his works.
MK: Thanks for the tip. That's the one I'll look for. No wonder you're in a reading slump - you have read everything, it seems! I hope you find something exciting soon.

Tumperkin said...

Enjoy your li'l break. Glad you're enjoying Lust Bites. I've heard good stuff about Portia Da Costa but haven't read anything else of hers.

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise you'd posted about Buddies Don't Bite! I found your other post about LB via Google Alerts.

What can I say? Except to repeat how pleased I am you enjoyed my characters. Buddies is my first ever vampire story, and I really loved writing it.

I wanted to write a vampire Black Lace over 10 years ago, but the editor then said vamps were too cliched and had been overdone... go figure?

Anyway, thanks again for your kind words. It's heartwarming to know my writing is so appreciated!



ps. aw shucks, MaryKate. You are a sweetie! :)

Carolyn Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by, Portia! I can't wait for The Tutor.