Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gemini Heat: OMG! & Contest

Great Moments from Last Night's Reading
Book: Gemini Heat
Author: Portia Da Costa
Page left off at: 119
Spoiler level: low

I was first introduced to Portia Da Costa via the only anthology I have ever read, a vampire erotica volume I won from the lovely and clever Tumperkin. It actually wasn't insanely erotic when you compare it to the vampire stuff a lot of us are reading these days, but it was great and I was particularly impressed with Da Costa's story - lovely unexpected descriptions within a saucy set up. So I went ahead and got Gemini Heat.

Whoa! This is a book that just doesn't quit, and in terms of hotness, it makes The Black Dagger Brotherhood books look like a Marice Sendak tale.

There are these twins, Delia and Deana, sort of your regular English girls next door, one more shy, one more adventurous, but neither particularly wild and wanton. Then Delia meets billionaire Jackson "Jake" de Guile. She tells him her name is Dee and has exciting stranger sex with him at an art opening.

Fast forward: Jake thinks he's dating Dee, but it's really both twins he's dating; Deana and Delia switch off with him and breathlessly fill each other in about their escapades after. And Jake turns out to be a gaspingly creative SEX MANIAC who, well, you don't what to expect next from this guy

This is a tale of sexual escalation. The twins are sort of shocked at what they do with Jake, but they keep going, and they are sort of conflicted about the vaguely demeaning nature of it all at times, but they don't want to stop. And Jake keeps drawing them into more extreme activities. I'm just under halfway through this book, and frankly I'm a bit apprehensive about what Jake will want to do next, but nothing will stop me from reading on. Nothing!

I am especially worried about what Jake will do when he discovers they're twins, because he's just a little bit dangerous and unpredictable and he thinks he's in control of the game.

An overall thought on erotica, not that I'm an expert.
One of the marks of a great, say, paranormal is, of course, that the sex scenes move the plot forward. They're integrated, not just titillating side trips. I wonder if the case isn't reversed for erotica. In a bad erotica, the story is just filler to set up the next sex scene. In a good erotica like this, you can't extract the story from the action; the story heightens the sex scenes, and it is gripping in its own right.

Other things I'm enjoying here.
Another thing I love here is the relationship of the twins. They have really different styles of dressing, but they've created "Dee" as a composite of them, and they collaborate on what they'll wear for these dates (if you can even call them that) to achieve the right "Dee" effect. I also love their British ways, and the way they say "bloody" a lot.

The stellar description is still here, too. But it's economical and powerful and never feels long and boring. The care, for example, that Da Costa takes with a description of Jake's eyelids: "The shape of his eyes was unusual, too. In a caucasian face, they were slanted, oriental, almost cat-like. Wide-set and with thick, sooty lashes, they had a slight overfolding of the lids at the inner corners." This is a really strong image that continues to serve the reader throughout the book.

I have this book in heavy rotation with "Death of a Pirate King" and "Duke of Shadows" because frankly, "Gemini Heat" is a little too rich and hot to be consumed all at once. At least by this reader. All three of these books are so fine. I'm currently in reader heaven.

You can win Gemini Heat, people!

Go to Portia Da Costa's blog for a contest to win this book as well as Double Dare by Saskia Walker (whose work I don't know). The contest is a celebration for the joint release of Walker and Da Costa's Spice Briefs, which appears to be a new line from eHarlequin.

To win the contest, you read two excerpts and answer two questions. They're fun to read. You won't believe where Portia stops hers. Gasp!

Crazy dirty ebook deals
Eharlequin is currently running an interesting special: from 12–3 p.m. every day this week, you can get specific works from Historical Undone, SPICE Briefs and nocturne BITES for .89 cents. If you read the excerpt of Portia's story, you'll be pleased to know that hers is available for .89 cent download on Monday November 3rd between those hours. But the regular price is only $2.69, so either way it's a deal. I'll go for it whether I remember on Monday or not. And even though I don't have an ereader.

I really wish I had an ereader, but I'm too poor to buy one. Paris Hilton, if you're reading my blog, can you just send me one? I'll take any ereader that's Mac compatible. I'd be so grateful. And if you throw in a mac laptop and InDesign software, I'll dedicate my novel to you. Actually, I would. I think I will never get an ereader.

Anyway, Gemini Heat.


Portia Da Costa said...

Yay! I'm so chuffed that you're enjoying Gemini Heat! When the cover popped up in my google reader, I went 'Whoah!' And what a nice surprise read your kind words.

Hope the rest of it lives up to what you've read so far, and that you enjoy CHANCE OF A LIFETIME too!

Thanks a barzillion! :)



Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, Portia, what a totally lovely surprise! Thanks for visiting and thank YOU a barzillion, too for the great read.

Sayuri said...


I am loving Portia's work (hiya Portia) In Too Deep hoy my doorstep today and I am giddy at the thought of cracking it open, finally!

CJ you need to read Entertaining Mr. Stone. It's just ....I love it. Best erotica hero EVER!

Sarah said...

it makes The Black Dagger Brotherhood books look like a Marice Sendak tale.
hehe, you crack me up.

This sounds super cool, and congrats to Portia for getting your dream come true moment. I think that is so cool! :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks, guys! You're so good for my self confidence! :)

I love that Sendak/BDB quote so much I've put it in my sidebar! Have never been compared to JR Ward before... and it's very cool!

Carolyn Jean said...

Sayuri: Yes, I want that one next.

Sarah: thanks!

Portia: Oh, funny! And even more, it's flattering. Now I have to go look!

naida said...

I've heard good things about this book as well, great post cj!
how cool that your comment is on Portia's blog sidebar!

Debby said...

I had something really funny to tell you this morning about how, as a fraternal twin, I'd never get to go there, but I've forgotten already what it was, adrift in HOT fantasy. Whoa....

Carolyn Jean said...

Naida: Yes, very cool.

Debby: Oh, I suspect this hero would switch off with fraternal twins, too. Though he'd certainly suspect...

Tracy said...

Oh I can't wait to hear your final thoughts on the book. I haven't read a really good erotic book in a while. I've heard nothing but great things about da Costa's work!

Kristie (J) said...

I'm just waiting for her next release to come out before ordering it (they changed the rules at Chapters and now we have to pay shipping for future releases) Wendy gave it a great review. And now you're saying this is a real good one too. I was at the bookstore last night and saw a couple of her books, but it's a lot cheaper to order them on line that buying at the store so I may have to order this one too!

Carolyn Jean said...

Tracy & Kristie: This book has continued to delight and surprise me. I may post on it again soon.

Though it is the only Da Costa novel I have ever read, and one of the few eroticas, so don't think I'm an expert.

Shannon said...

I have yet to read an erotica (shocking, I know!) Your review makes me want to now. Hotter than BDB andwell written? Must add to TBR list.